Individual award categories

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Community Changemakers Award (MB)

The Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Community Changemakers Award promotes group volunteer efforts across Manitoba and recognizes an outstanding community group that has dedicated their time and resources to giving back to Manitobans.

Lieutenant Governor's Community Leadership Awards (MB)

The Lieutenant Governor's Community Leadership Awards recognize individuals from across Manitoba for their exceptional contributions to the community through leadership in voluntary service.

Those considered for the award will have played a significant role in IDENTIFYING a need in the community, INITIATING creative and meaningful ways to fill that need, and MOTIVATING others to join them in service for the greater good.

A total of three awards will be presented, one in each of the following categories:

  • Rural/Northern
  • Urban
  • Youth (16-30 yrs)

Having spent many years in the voluntary sector, Her Honour The Honourable Janice C. Filmon, C.M., O.M., Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, strongly believes that leadership is action, not position. Her Honour celebrates volunteerism as one of the pillars of a strong society and recognizes that service to others is a major component of a healthy community.

Premier's Volunteer Service Awards (MB)

The Premier's Volunteer Service Awards were established by the Premier's office, in partnership with Volunteer Manitoba, to honour the efforts and dedication of outstanding volunteers in Manitoba; and recognize and encourage the valuable services performed by volunteers throughout the province.

Past recipients of the award have served their communities by conscientiously performing one or more volunteer activities over a period of years; or taking unusual initiative to identify and solve a critical problem or meet a specific need; or organizing and directing an activity which has a great impact on the community; and inspiring the spirit of volunteerism in others.

Mayor's Volunteer Service Awards (Wpg)

City of Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman invites you to nominate deserving individuals or community groups for the Mayor's Volunteer Service Awards. The Mayor's Volunteer Service Awards were created to honour individuals, agencies and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the City of Winnipeg through volunteer service

Association for Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Community Leadership Award (MB)

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Community Leadership Award honours individuals and groups who donate their time to advance community-driven, innovative and sustainable solutions to their municipality's most pressing challenges. Effective community leaders are dedicated to advancing and uplifting the voices of their community, and they are able to achieve unlikely things in the presence of great challenges and obstacles. The AMM Community Leadership Award celebrates the invaluable contributions and dedication of volunteers in communities across Manitoba.

William Norrie Arts & Culture Volunteer Award (MB)

Volunteer Manitoba is proud to present this new award, which recognizes the incredible contribution volunteers make to multiple arts & culture organizations throughout Manitoba. The William Norrie Arts & Culture Volunteer Award celebrates volunteers across Manitoba who donate their time to advancing the arts and cultural sector, whether through a leadership role or on the front lines of programs and festivals across the province. Arts and cultural organizations play a significant role in the health, well-being, social inclusion and connection of Manitobans, and many show their support for these organizations by donating their time as volunteers.

CTV Champion of Mental Health Volunteer Award (MB)

The CTV Champion of Mental Health Volunteer Award is presented by CTV Winnipeg to an individual or group in Manitoba that has made a significant contribution in the following areas;

  • Reducing the stigma experienced by people living with mental health issues
  • Provided support or services to people living with mental health issues, their families and/or caregivers
  • Advocated for issues related to mental health (including individual needs, family needs, service delivery and systemic issues)
  • Advancing awareness in the area of mental health

Award recipients represent the outstanding commitment of individuals and organizations to challenge stigma around mental health and improve outcomes for wellbeing and suicide prevention.

RBC Bright Future Award (MB)

RBC has established the RBC Bright Future Award to be given out at Volunteer Manitoba's annual Volunteer Awards Celebration. The award recognizes individuals or groups who have volunteered their time to help youth (ages 13-29) overcome barriers and prepare for success in the areas of career readiness and future readiness.

The Barb Gemmell Catalyst Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management (MB)

The Barb Gemmell Catalyst Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management recognizes that the ability to inspire and influence, whether it be volunteers, community partners, management, or other staff, is at the core of being a leader of volunteers and is critical to the success of every volunteer program - large or small - in the province of Manitoba. This award aims to recognize a leader of volunteers in the province of Manitoba who has distinguished themselves through innovative best practices with regards to the recruitment, retention, and recognition of volunteers.

Spark Outstanding Pro Bono Consultant Award (Wpg)

The Spark Outstanding Pro Bono Consultant Award will go to an individual or company who has shown themselves to be a leader in the community, providing pro bono services to Winnipeg's community development and community economic development organizations through the completion of a successful match (or matches) facilitated by Spark.