Board Governance

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We know that non-profits and charities play an important role in our society, providing a wide range of services in a variety of areas (health care, education, social services, etc.), and that these organizations are governed by volunteer boards of directors.

To accomplish their goals and achieve their mission, non-profits and charities require a robust system of governance, and at the head of which there needs to be an effective board of directors. A strong, effective board of directors has a greater likelihood of success than a poorly governed organization.

Our Board Governance training is designed specifically for not-for-profit Board members, managers and staff who want to contribute to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization.

Volunteer Manitoba's Board Governance training is designed specifically for non-profit board members, managers and staff who want to contribute to improving the governance of their organization.

Below is our list of Board Governance workshops that we can deliver directly to your group or organization.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Non-Profit Board - 3 hrs
Financial Responsibilities of a Non-Profit Board - 3 hrs
Board Succession Planning - 3 hrs
Meeting Management and Minute Taking - 3 hrs
Strategic Planning for Non-Profit Boards - 3 hrs
Writing Board Policies - 2.5 hrs

To find out when these workshops will be delivered in-class, please visit our Training/Events Calendar!

Group Training

At Volunteer Manitoba, we recognize that organizations sometimes require training to address their unique needs. If you need to train your entire group or organization, our training can be brought to you.

Volunteer Manitoba's team of expert facilitators, located across the province, can deliver cost-effective, group training for your staff, board and committees. The training would be delivered for a fixed fee at a mutually convenient time and location to meet your organization's needs.

Expert Advice

If you are looking for advice on a specific situation, or would like to connect with an expert in the field, let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

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