High School Credit

Did you know that you can earn a high school credit for volunteering your time?

That's right, you can get an extra credit on your high school transcript for doing volunteer work in your community; no class time or homework required!

Here's what you've gotta do....

  1. Think about what you'll learn or gain from the volunteer experience that you plan to pursue; your school will need this information in order to approve it for credit. Start the process early, before the start of the semester, so that you have lots of time to obtain approval and complete the required amount of hours. You can use the CSSIP Approval Form.
  2. Discuss your intentions with your parents; have them sign the Parent/Guardian Approval Form.
  3. Meet with your school (talk to your principal or guidance counselor) and discuss what you plan to do. Remember, they need to approve the activity before you start your volunteer work.
  4. Start volunteering!
    • Remember to document your hours as you go, make sure the organization has a record of your attendance as well. You will need to complete 110 hours to obtain a full credit (1.0) or 55 hours for a half credit (0.5).
  5. Obtain written proof of your activities from the organization, including the number of hours completed, dates, and the skills/knowledge you gained. Hand it in to your school.


  • The Community Service SIP credit counts as an optional credit (you still have to take Math...sorry!)
  • Court-ordered community service hours and helping an immediate family member are non-eligible activities.
  • You cannot accept any remuneration or honorarium for you work if you are applying for this credit.

For more information, check out the Manitoba Government Guidelines for obtaining a Community Service SIP credit, or contact Manitoba Education for more information. These forms should also be available at your school.