VM Youth

The 2013 General Social Survey - Giving, Volunteering and Participating found that for more than a decade, Canadian youth have volunteered more than any other age group. In fact, youth are well above the national average when it comes to volunteerism. Volunteerism can teach youth the value of civic participation and lead youth to become lifelong community builders. It's critical that parents, schools and agencies provide youth with positive volunteer experiences, and Volunteer Manitoba is positioned to support and guide youth in their volunteer efforts.

The VM Youth Program engages with young people between the ages of 15 and 29, providing the tools and resources to inspire them to become involved in their communities through a commitment to volunteerism. Since its inception in 2005, the youth program has proven itself a valuable resource to youth, agencies, educators, parents, and communities throughout the province by:

  • Raising awareness in youth and young adults about the value of volunteerism as a means of exploring and preparing for employment while gaining meaningful life experiences, resulting in a deeper connection and commitment to their communities and roles as engaged citizens, and
  • Educating agencies and communities about how to best involve youth and young adults in a significant manner in order to address the need of continuity of volunteer resources in organizations and communities.

If we engage youth effectively, we can keep Canada's voluntary sector strong and encourage young people to play a vital role in building healthy and resilient communities across Canada.

Thanks to the generous support of Canada Life we reach thousands of youth each year!

For more information, please contact:

Gloria Dovoh
Community Relations Coordinator
E: gloria.dovoh@volunteermanitoba.ca