VM Youth

The VM Youth Program motivates, assists and engages Manitoba youth 13 - 25 years of age to become involved in their communities through a commitment to volunteerism.

Since its inception in 2005, the youth program has proven itself a valuable resource to youth, agencies, educators, parents, and communities throughout the province by:

  • Raising awareness in youth and young adults about the value of volunteerism as a means of exploring and preparing for employment while gaining meaningful life experiences, resulting in a deeper connection and commitment to their communities and roles as engaged citizens, and
  • Educating agencies and communities about how to best involve youth and young adults in a significant manner in order to address the need of continuity of volunteer resources in organizations and communities.

The VM Youth Program has proven successful at engaging youth and multiple stakeholders through its three main areas of focus: the website, the outreach program and C-SPIN.

Thanks to the generous support of Great-West Life we reach thousands of youth each year.


Community Service Partnership Initiative for Newcomers (C-SPIN) is a 2-week summer volunteer program carried out in partnership with the NEEDs Centre and a spring break volunteer program carried out in partnership with IRCOM. It is open to youth who regularly attend programming at both organzations, are between the ages of 14-18, have spent at least six months in the Canadian school system and have little to no formal work experience.

C-SPIN facilitates the first steps to economic participation for newcomer youth living in the downtown core by introducing the concept of volunteering. Volunteering cultivates transferable skills, job preparedness and an introduction to Canadian working culture. Youth learn about community resources, types of jobs available in Canada and visit different community organizations whose work does not usually reflect "traditional" types of vocation. It is our hope that this experience increases social participation by fostering a life long commitment to volunteerism as a means of strengthening communities and demonstrating active citizenship.

On a larger scale, C-SPIN functions to reduce poverty and foster economic self-reliance by ensuring that newcomer youth gain Canadian work experience. This experience is an asset to the NEED's Centre's employment program that assist youth in finding their first part-time job. Furthermore, this program acts as a method of crime prevention for newcomer youth by providing education, information and a recreation activity during the summer months.

This program is generously supported by Great-West Life.