Volunteer Awards

40th Annual Volunteer Awards

Celebrating 40 Years of Super Heroes: The Winners of the 40th Annual Volunteer Awards Unveiled!

Volunteer Manitoba and Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries are excited to announce the winners of the 40thAnnual Volunteer Awards, marking a remarkable milestone of honouring community heroes!

The 40thAnnual Volunteer Awards took place on April 18th at the Club Regent Event Centre.

"For over four decades, Volunteer Manitoba has had the privilege to champion celebrating "heroes" in our province," says Phillip Dunphy, Board President of Volunteer Manitoba. "As we celebrate the 40th anniversary, we honor this years' award winner's commitment and passion. Congratulations to all the dedicated and engaged recipients and nominees."

"Volunteer Manitoba is thrilled to have partnered with Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries on this event for the past 29 years. As the presenting sponsor, the corporation is committed to recognizing selfless individuals who embody the true essence of community spirit. The MBLL Community Changemaker Award recognizes group volunteer efforts, highlighting an outstanding community group that has dedicated their time and resources to giving back to Manitoba."

The Recipients of the 40thAnnual Volunteer Awards are:

Ridhwanlai Badmos - Lieutenant Governor's Community Leadership Award - Youth [Winnipeg]

Karen Clark - Lieutenant Governor's Community Leadership Award - North [Flin Flon]

Jane Fudge - Lieutenant Governor's Community Leadership Award - Urban [Winnipeg]

Amanda Zapotochny - Lieutenant Governor's Community Leadership Award - Rural [Portage la Prairie]

Lily Francis - Premier's Volunteer Service Award - Youth

Lexi Taylor - Premier's Volunteer Service Award - Youth

Champion Child Program - Premier's Volunteer Service Award - Group

2023 World Police & Fire Games Finish Liners - Premier's Volunteer Service Award - Group

Randy Antonio - Premier's Volunteer Service Award - Individual

Pam Lucenkiw and the late Ronald Mazur - Premier's Volunteer Service Award - Individual

Cheta D. Akaluka - Mayor's Volunteer Service Award [Winnipeg]

Carina Blumgrund - Mayor's Volunteer Service Award [Winnipeg]

Irvine Hildebrand - Mayor's Volunteer Service Award [Winnipeg]

Geri and George Jarvis - Mayor's Volunteer Service Award [Winnipeg]

Mike J. Monias - Mayor's Volunteer Service Award [Winnipeg]

Judy Dikkema & Marlaine Wilborn - Epiphany Lutheran Church Meal Team and Outreach - Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Community Changemakers Award [Winnipeg]

Acres for Hamiota - Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Community Leadership Award [Hamiota]

Ashley Kaye - CTV Champion of Mental Health Award [Oakbank]

Rana Ahmed - RBC Bright Future Award [Winnipeg]

Chris Carther-Krone - Spark Outstanding Pro Bono Consultant Award [Winnipeg]

Shaun Leonoff - Barb Gemmell Catalyst Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management [Ste. Anne]

Congratulations everyone!

Join us as we honour these deserving Manitobans who represent excellence in volunteerism and community engagement in our province!

Congratulations to all of the Nominees!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible individuals that were nominated for the 40th Annual Volunteer Awards. While not everyone can receive an award, your dedication, passion, and selflessness do not go unnoticed. Your commitment to making a difference in the community is truly inspiring, and we are immensely grateful for your contributions. Thank you for your support and for being shining examples of kindness and generosity.

  • 2023 World Police & Fire Games Finish Liners
  • 38 Service Battalion Combat Service Support Museum (The Service Battalion Senate, Inc)
  • Abdul Sharif
  • Abigail Chau
  • Accueil Katari
  • Acres for Hamiota
  • Aghil Absalan
  • Amanda Zapotochny
  • Amy Tung
  • Andy Tough
  • Anna Koplovich
  • Ashley Kaye
  • Assiniboia West Recreation Association
  • Anna Koplovich
  • Boissevain Recycling Committee
  • Camp Awesome Co-Hosts - St.Amant
  • Capt. Kennedy House Renewal Committee c/o Lois Wales Wales
  • CareImpact (contact person-Wendi Park)
  • Carina Blumgrund
  • Champion Child Program
  • Cheta D. Akaluka
  • Chris Nykon
  • Chris Toews
  • Christine Brooks
  • Christopher Carther-Krone
  • Cindy Johnstone
  • Claudette Baril
  • CommUNITY204
  • Corinne & Kris Kopansky
  • Courtney Czezowski
  • Danielle Harvey-Wilson
  • Darian Lourenco
  • David Bernardin
  • David Gut
  • Davide Novo
  • Day Hospital Group
  • Julia Kraemer
  • Karen Clark
  • Keith Strachan
  • Kellea Small
  • Kelly Thibodeau
  • Larry McCrady
  • Laura Henderson
  • Leah LaPlante
  • LeeAnn Kolisnyk
  • Lesley Sacouman
  • Lexi Taylor
  • Lily Francis
  • Lisa Williams
  • Lisa Davis
  • Louise Dahle
  • Main Entrance and Patient Registration Ambassador Volunteers St. Boniface Hospital
  • Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad
  • Margo Powell
  • Maria Baranowski
  • Marla Nystrom-Smith
  • Megan Pinette
  • Melanie Houde
  • Melanie Wall
  • Mike J. Monias
  • Mirna Alberto
  • Murray Pierson
  • Pam Lucenkiw and Ron Mazur
  • Paramjit Shahi
  • Paul Ong
  • Peggy Vigfusson
  • Rahel Ketema
  • Rana Ahmed
  • Randy Antonio
  • Remote After-School Mentorship Program (RAMP) Volunteers
  • Renald Bilodeau
  • Richard H Felstead
  • Ridhwanlai Badmos
  • Rimple Mander
  • Robert Erstelle
  • Debbie Publicover
  • Don Spangelo
  • Don Steinmetz
  • Dorothy Bergen
  • Dwight MacAulay
  • Ernest & Linda Clarkson
  • Eugene Bacon
  • Evgeniya Lapanov
  • Fred Douglas Residents
  • Gerald Palidwor
  • Geri and George Jarvis - Block Parent Volunteers
  • Gib Bell
  • Ginny Twomney
  • Gordon Askew
  • Grace Ketsman
  • Graham Curnew
  • Greg Cameron
  • Hottensia Njoroge
  • Huddle Youth Advisory Council
  • Inés Bonacossa
  • Irvine Hildebrand
  • Izzeddin Hawamda
  • Jack Laviolette
  • Jack Mutter
  • Jackie Wild
  • Jaideep Johar
  • Janak Patel
  • Jane Fudge
  • Jason Fraser
  • Jayde Paggao
  • Jeannette Bonnefoy-Warnock
  • Jeff Wood
  • Jennifer Kilimnik
  • Jennifer Palichuk
  • Jessica Saler
  • Jim Komishon
  • Joie Van Dongen
  • Judy Dikkema & Marlanie Wilborn - Epiphany Lutheran Church Inc Outreach & Meal Team
  • Judy Wakeford
  • Rotary Book Sale Committee
  • Saeid Maghsoudi
  • Samuel Ogunsola
  • Seidu Mohammed
  • Shaun Leonoff
  • Sheila Yong
  • Songyan Liu
  • Sophie Connor
  • St. Amant Mentor Volunteers
  • Stan & Sylvia Klassen
  • Stonewall and Districts Lions Club
  • Subhdeep Sidhu Subhdeep
  • Sumegha Gupta
  • Susan Castellon
  • The Christmas Cheer Board of Winnipeg Volunteers
  • Thomas Rempel-Ong
  • Tracy Groenewegen
  • Trudy Mattey
  • Ukraine Response Volunteers
  • Volunteer Committee for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Things
  • WILD Outside
  • William (Bill) Perlmutter
  • Winnipeg Chinese Senior Association
  • Winnipeg Search and Rescue Volunteer Association
  • YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg Board of Directors
  • Zoey Laluk-Tam

If you have any questions about the volunteer awards, please contact:

Ashley Seymour
Executive Director
E: ashley.seymour@volunteermanitoba.ca
T: 204-477-5180 ext. 1

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