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Free Resources

Board - Staff Relations

(5:43 min.)

Board Onboarding

(3:41 min.)

The Role of the Board Chair

(5:47 min.)

Resources for Purchase

Board By-Laws - Your Greatest Resource! Webinar ($10.00)

Bylaws are the operating manual for every non-profit and its board of directors. This webinar covers the purpose of bylaws and what provisions should be included. (51:38 min.)

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Board Development Package ($20.00)

Get your board started in the right direction. Includes an onboarding checklist, recruitment skills matrix, evaluation tool and a bonus sample AGM meeting agenda.

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Board Policies Resources Package ($20.00)

Critical board policies to address confidentiality, conflict of interest and conduct. Includes a bonus Board Policy template to use for all your board policies.

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Board Terms of References Package ($10.00)

Stop the confusion and clarify what your board members and committee responsibilities are. Includes Board member job description and Committee Terms of Reference templates.

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Additional Resources

Corporations Canada's Online By-law Builder

Allows you to create by-laws for your corporation under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (NFP Act). It allows you to customize the by-laws to better meet your corporation's needs.

Manitoba Corporations Act

Manitoba legislation governing all corporations, including non-profits, registered in Manitoba.

Insurance and Liability for Charities and Nonprofits

Answers to your insurance and liability questions.

Volunteer Canada Non-Profit Insurance Program

Insurance programs for non-profit and charitable organizations including Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance.

Imagine Canada's report: Diversity is our Strength (link to pdf)

To improve conditions for the non-profit sector's diverse workforce, we need funders, government, and non-profit sector leaders to better understand the role they can play. Read the full report to learn more!

Board Checkup

Board Checkup is a software application that can be used to self-assess and benchmark changes in board performance - this is a paid service. The website offers a free textbook "Guidelines for Improving the Effectiveness of Boards of Directors of Nonprofit Organizations".

Resources to Aid in Decolonizing Your Board - Laridae

Practical Steps to Decolonize Non-Profit Board Governance
Decolonizing Governance: My Takeaways
Decolonization Toolkit