Board Connect

Connecting Talent with Purpose!

Presented by the Winnipeg Foundation, the Board Connect Program creates a new avenue for boards or standing committees to recruit engaged and motivated leaders who are prepared to serve. Board Connect will match skilled leaders with Boards or standing committees for one year. Further continuation of the placement will be based on mutual agreement between the organization and the participant.

The Board Connect program aims to achieve the following outcomes;

  • Provide participants with the opportunity to expand their skills and contribute leadership to a community organization.
  • Engage the next generation of leaders to ensure continuous capacity building and long-term sustainability.
  • Create a network of talented and resourceful emerging leaders who will establish strong and lasting relationships that are personally and professionally beneficial.
  • Enable non-profit leaders to find professionals with the right skills, experience and social capital to help them be successful.
  • Serve the community's need for effective, highly-skilled and energized leadership.
  • Increase awareness of non-profit agencies and develop a sustained commitment among emerging leaders to their communities.

Participating Organizations

By participating in the Board Connect program, you will access skilled volunteers who are engaged and enthusiastic about being a part of your organization. Potential candidates will be screened and their skills and interests will be evaluated before a match is made.

Eligibility Criteria for Participating Organizations:

  • Must be a registered charity or not-for-profit organization based in Winnipeg.
  • Must possess director's liability insurance.
  • Must provide their standards of conduct, terms of reference or job description for the role.
  • Must be able to grant ex-officio status for 1 year term for board participation.
  • If your organization would like to participate in Board Connect, please fill out the application form here.


By participating in the Board Connect program, and serving on a not-for-profit board of directors, you will have an opportunity to engage in community leadership at a senior level. Get involved with causes that are meaningful to you, contribute your skills and knowledge and be a part of decisions that shape your community!

How to apply:

  1. Submit your application form here
  2. Attend board governance training, provided by Volunteer Manitoba (Cost $50)
  3. Get matched with an organization that suits your skills and passion

For more information

Contact Kamillah El-Giadaa
P: 204-477-5180 ext 225

For over a decade, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and Volunteer Manitoba have partnered together to offer Leadership Winnipeg, a 10-session program which runs from September through June. Leadership Winnipeg provides experiences that inspire and motivate individuals to develop an understanding of themselves, their community and their role within it. In partnership with Leadership Winnipeg, Volunteer Manitoba is engaging the next generation of leaders to ensure continuous capacity building and long-term sustainability.

In the 2nd year of the Leadership Winnipeg program, graduates are matched with not-for-profit boards and/or standing committees and become participants of the Board Connect program.

For more information on Leadership Winnipeg, including how to enroll, please visit their website.