Guidelines and Nomination

Every year, Volunteer Manitoba recognizes the exceptional work of Manitoba's volunteers at our Annual Volunteer Awards celebration.

Nomination Period

Nomination period - update: open November 6, close January 15, 2024.

Please visit /awards.php to access the online nomination forms for each award category.

Nominations for all volunteer award categories must be submitted online. The online application forms asks three questions about the individual or group's volunteer work, and there is no minimum or maximum word limit.

Question Topics:

  • About the nominee - provides a summary of the nominee's volunteer work (activities, projects, training, etc. they are involved with)
  • Reason for the nomination - describes why you feel the nominee should be recognized.
  • Benefits to the community - defines the impact of the nominee's volunteer work on the larger community.

Awards Criteria

Any individual or organization that would like to recognize a volunteer can submit a nomination for the Annual Volunteer Awards. Nominations must identify an individual nominee for their volunteer work, and highlight their contributions to improve their community.

Volunteer Awards Terms and Conditions

Tips for your Nomination

If you would like to submit a nomination, here are tips on how to best describe why your volunteer should receive an award.

  • Be clear about why your volunteer nominee stands out

Each of these awards has its own jury and it's incredibly challenging to decide which nominees to select. Past jury have picked winners for many reasons including:

  • The much-needed role they played in their community or organization.
  • Their courage in overcoming personal challenges.
  • Their commitment and incredible leadership skills.

This is the perfect time to express what makes your nominee special and how they have gone above and beyond to help their community.

  • Tell a story!

Set the scene and provide background on your nominee to help the judging panel better understand their volunteer work. Using examples will create a picture for the panel and help them understand your nominee's volunteer efforts.

  • Numbers make a Difference

When reading a volunteer nomination, it is helpful for the judges to have a statistic or two to back it up. For example, if your nominee has tutored marginalized youth for the past 15 years, you could mention how many hours they have dedicated to helping young people. Or, if you have a volunteer who has raised money for an organization, you could mention the amount raised through their efforts. These facts and figures help paint a picture for the jury and show the volunteer's impact and how hard they have worked.

  • Explain the ripple effect of the volunteer work

You will also be asked about the impact of your nominee's contribution, so be sure to mention the immediate effects and the wider impact.

  • What were things like before the volunteer joined?
  • How has your organization or community improved since the volunteer's involvement?
  • What positive things have happened to clients since your volunteer helped them?

Need Help?

For assistance with your nomination, please contact us at 204-477-5180 or email

Download our Nomination Letter Template to help you with your nomination.