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Volunteer Management

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Free Resources

The Screening Handbook
Provides organizations with
up-to-date information, tools,
and resources to support
comprehensive screening
policies and practices.
Canadian Code for Volunteer
Involvement (CCVI)

National standards to
design and implement
your volunteer program.
Putting the Code into Action
A series of checklists to
implement the CCVI ten
standards of practice

Resources for Purchase

Event Volunteer Agreements Package ($20.00)

Critical agreements for event volunteers including physical injury waiver, photo release, and contact information usage forms.

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Monitoring and Evaluating Performance Resource Package ($20.00)

Monitor and give feedback to your volunteers to help them fulfill their tasks and responsibilities consistent with your organization. Resources include evaluation form samples, progressive discipline process with checklist, and dismissal letter template. Bonus - exit interview template to learn why volunteers leave on their own so you can improve your volunteer program.

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Orientation and Training Resource Package ($20.00)

Develop volunteer orientation and training to get your volunteers off on the right foot and contributing to your mission quickly. Included are a volunteer orientation checklist, a description of the components of a solid training plan (with worksheet) and tips for training volunteers online.

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Risk Identification and Assessment Resource Package ($10.00)

Use the four-step process to assess risk that may arise from your programs and services and use the included worksheet to outline your risk mitigation strategy to manage the risks.

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Standards of Conduct Policies Resource Package ($50.00)

Includes eight common policies with declarations focused on standards for volunteer conduct such as conflict of interest, conduct, confidentiality, substance abuse, acceptance of gifts, dress code, allergies/use of scents, harassment, respectful workplace, and grievances. Bonus - Policy Development worksheet and templates to help develop all your policies.

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Volunteer Role Design and Position Description Resource Package ($20.00)

Develop meaningful volunteer roles reflected in a comprehensive position description to improve your volunteer recruitment and retention. Bonus virtual volunteer tip sheet included.

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Additional Resources

Human Rights Code

Manitoba's provincial law that protects individuals and groups from discrimination.

Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC)

Connects and empowers volunteer management professionals through advocacy, capacity building and networking.

Volunteer Management Software Guide (Volunteer Toronto)

Analysis of eight unique volunteer management software platforms and the steps you should take to find the right tool for your organization.