Volunteer Program Evaluations

The purpose of our Volunteer Program Evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of your organization's existing volunteer program and to help maximize your potential for volunteer engagement.

Based on the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, volunteer program evaluations can be conducted for organizations that new, intermediate, or established volunteer programs.

Volunteer Program Evaluations will look at the following:

  • Organizational Culture: Board support and recognition of volunteer involvement, review of policies and procedures and staff willingness to work with volunteers.
  • Current Programming: Current volunteer roles , risk management analysis of existing positions, job descriptions, recruitment strategies, screening processes, record management, orientation and training, volunteer performance management and volunteer recognition.

5 Great Reasons to Consider an Evaluation of your Volunteer Program or Department

  1. Assess the impact of your role as Volunteer Manager
  2. Find out how your organization measures up against the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement
  3. Implement best practices
  4. Advocate for your volunteer programs
  5. Increase volunteer retention by knowing how to facilitate the best volunteer experience

For more information please contact:

Kamillah El-Giadaa
Training & Development Manager
E: kamillah.elgiadaa@volunteermanitoba.ca
P: 204-477-5180 or toll free 1-888-922-4545