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Free Resources

Should I start a Non-Profit

Provides a comprehensive list of considerations and action steps to help you decide if starting a new non-profit is the best way to achieve your goal. Click here to download the PDF

Your Guide to Applying to be a Registered Charity

Provides an outline of the steps to prepare your application to be a registered charity along with links to resources and guidelines from the Canada Revenue Agency. Click here to download the PDF

Your Guide to Starting a Non-Profit

Provides an overview of the structure of a non-profit entity, considerations to operating a non-profit and the steps to becoming incorporated. Click here to download the PDF

Your Guide to Winding-up a Charity

Review the key issues which directors should consider when making the decision to close the doors and shut down a charity. Click here to download the PDF

Guideline on Human Rights and COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements (August 2021)

Factsheet: COVID-19 and the Human Rights code

Additional Resources

Corporations Canada's Online By-law Builder

Allows you to create by-laws for your corporation under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (NFP Act). It allows you to customize the by-laws to better meet your corporation's needs.

Manitoba Corporations Act

Manitoba legislation governing all corporations, including non-profits, registered in Manitoba.

Volunteer Canada Non-Profit Insurance Program

Insurance programs for non-profit and charitable organizations including Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance.