Premier's Volunteer Service Awards

39th Annual Virtual Volunteer Awards

39th Annual Virtual Volunteer Awards

Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Deadline for nominations is
Monday May 30, 2022


Premier's Volunteer Service Awards

The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well in Manitoba! The Premier of Manitoba invites you to nominate deserving individuals, youth and community groups for the 2022 Premier's Volunteer Service Award.

The Premier's office, in partnership with Volunteer Manitoba, established the Premier's Volunteer Service Award to:

  • honour the efforts and dedication of outstanding volunteers in Manitoba; and
  • recognize and encourage the valuable services performed by volunteers throughout the province.

Past recipients of the award have served their communities by:

  • conscientiously performing one or more volunteer activities over a period of years; or
  • taking unusual initiative to identify and solve a critical problem or meet a specific need; or
  • organizing and directing an activity which has a great impact on the community; and
  • inspiring the spirit of volunteerism in others.

For a list of previous Premier's Volunteer Service Award recipients, visit

Award Categories

There are three award categories:

Individual Volunteers
This is presented to exceptional individual volunteers whose efforts have contributed significantly to the quality of life in their communities.

Youth Volunteers
The youth leadership category recognizes young Manitobans (under 25) who have made considerable contributions to their schools, organizations and communities through volunteer work. The young volunteers serve as role models, encouraging other young people to give of themselves for the betterment of the community.

Community Groups
This award is presented to community groups that have improved the quality of life in our province through extraordinary collective volunteer efforts of the members.

Who Can Be Nominated?

Any living resident of Manitoba, or organization, that has been actively involved in volunteer service may be nominated. Nominees must have performed such service on a wholly volunteer basis and not for pay, and the nominee's volunteer work must have occurred in Manitoba.

Nominators should be persons who have benefited from or who are familiar with the volunteer activity of the candidate. Separate nominations may be submitted for as many individuals, youth or groups as desired.

Municipal, provincial and federal politicians presently holding office are not eligible to nominate or be nominated. Members of the candidate's immediate family are not eligible to nominate or act as references. Nominators or references may be contacted for additional information.


An independent panel of judges reviews all nominations and selects the award recipients.

The Award Presentation

The award consists of a presentation gift. The award will be presented by Volunteer Manitoba prior to the annual Volunteer Awards celebration, which will be held virtually in late September, 2022.

Instructions for submitting a nomination

  1. Complete the online nomination form (see below)
  2. Tell us about your nominee and what makes this person or community group exceptional. Your nomination should describe the nominee's volunteer work and how it has affected the organization or community. Provide details on the following topics (if applicable). Please be thorough as your description will be the only information available to the judges.
    1. Activity: Briefly describe the activity for which the candidate is being considered.
    2. Need: Describe the need filled by the nominee. Why was the need important to the community or recipient of service?
    3. Method: What did the nominee do to address the need?
    4. Impact: What was the outcome of the candidates's efforts? How many people benefited? What was actually accomplished?
    5. Leadership: In what way did the candidate demonstrate leadership?
    6. Perseverance: What challenges were met or what obstacles were overcome?
    7. Creativity: What imagination was shown?
    8. Other volunteer involvement: In what other activities has the candidate participated?
    9. Summary: What is exceptional about the volunteer contribution? How is the nominee an inspiration to others? Why should the award be given to this person or organization?
  3. Attach to the online form any supporting information you wish the jury to review. This could include: supporting letters, newsletter clippings, pamphlets, testimonials, media coverage, or photos - if directly related to the candidates volunteer activities.
    Note, you can only upload one attachment so please combine your information into one document. If you are not able to do so, email additional information to and include the nominee's name and the award category in the subject line.


Nomination Forms

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