Spark Outstanding Pro Bono Consultant Award

35th Annual Volunteer Awards

35th Annual Volunteer Awards

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Victoria Inn

Deadline for nominations is
Friday February 2, 2018


Spark Outstanding Pro Bono Consultant Award

Spark will present an award in the Outstanding Pro Bono Consultant Award category. The award will go to an individual or company who has shown themselves to be a leader in the community, providing pro bono services to Winnipeg's community development and community economic development organizations through the completion of a successful match or matches facilitated by Spark.

Who can be nominated?

Any individual or business who has completed one or more Spark matches over the past two years, using their professional skills to assist a local organization.

Criteria for the award:

  1. Commitment to using their professional skills to address Winnipeg's social issues
  2. Outstanding leadership and co-ordination
  3. Depth of professional knowledge and quality of expertise
  4. Outcome and impact of the match

Submitting a nomination:

Please attach supporting documentation describing the pro bono consultant's assistance, including the following (two pages or less):

  • Identify the organizational challenge that required Spark's assistance
  • Explain the activities and methods the volunteer used to solve the challenge. Were there any obstacles the volunteer had to overcome?
  • Briefly describe the leadership and co-ordination skills they demonstrated during the match
  • How has the match changed things for your organization?
  • If able, please reflect on the pro bono consultant's commitment to using their professional skills to effect positive change in Winnipeg
  • Summary of why your nominee should receive the award

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