Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Community Leadership Award

35th Annual Volunteer Awards

35th Annual Volunteer Awards

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Victoria Inn

Deadline for nominations is
Friday February 2, 2018


Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Community Leadership Award

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) represents all 137 incorporated municipalities in Manitoba, including the City of Winnipeg, and lobbies for issues that affect its members. Many of these issues are raised by its members through resolutions or correspondence, which are then brought to the attention of the Manitoba or Federal government. Other issues are initiated by senior levels of government when they draft legislation or regulations that affect municipalities. The AMM monitors and responds to any legislation affecting municipal government.

The Award

AMM recognizes the invaluable contributions and dedication of volunteers in communities. AMM will present the Association of Manitoba Municipalities Community Leadership Award to a deserving candidate who has demonstrated exceptional voluntary leadership within their community.

Who can be nominated

Any individual who lives outside of Winnipeg and has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community leadership.

Award Criteria

The AMM Community Leadership Award recognizes an individual who has carried out any of the following:

  • Responds to community issues by creating a program or new initiative
  • Advances social issues that affect the well-being of community members, families and the community-at-large
  • Celebrates diversity in their community
  • Provided and/or inspired leadership in others
  • Mobilized community members to achieve a common goal or to volunteer
  • Demonstrated a life-long commitment to volunteering

Submitting a nomination

  1. Please type or print clearly on the nomination form.
  2. Attach supporting documentation describing the exceptional volunteer efforts and community leadership of the individual volunteer. Please include the following information in a concise document (two pages or less):
    • IDENTIFICATION of a need in the community
    • METHOD by which nominee addressed the need
    • ACTIVITY the nominee undertook
    • LEADERSHIP shown by nominee
    • PERSEVERANCE in facing any challenges or obstacles the nominee may have had to deal with
    • IMPACT of nominee's efforts on individual person or group receiving help
    • SUMMARY of the essence of the nomination indicating why the nominee should receive the award
  3. Include any printed material such as letters, news clippings, testimonials that directly relate to the volunteer activity the individual is being nominated for. (only two pages will be considered)
  4. Photographs and documentation will be accepted but not returned. Do not send video or audio cassettes, displays or films.

Nomination Forms

Online Form