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Organization Details
Organization Name: Arcane Horizon Inc.
Address: 1644 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg, MB MB  R3H 0X5
Organizational Description: Arcane Horizon provides support services to adults with intellectual disabilities
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Volunteer Opportunity ID: 5233
Description of Duties:

Are you a professional looking for volunteer board experience?

Arcane Horizon, a not-for-profit agency that supports adults with intellectual disabilities, is looking to recruit a few great professional people interested in helping our board of directors govern the amazing opportunities we facilitate for adults with intellectual disabilities to use their capabilities, skills and ideas to be active and included participants in Manitoba life as unique equals.

Our Mission: To provide community living supports that focus on quality of life, respect and dignity for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our Vision: Adults with intellectual disabilities are included, accepted and valued in our communities.

Find out more about Arcane Horizon at our website:

Role of the Board

The Board of Directors has these key responsibilities:
a. To establish and implement the organization's mission, vision, direction and purpose.
b. To establish goals and priorities in meeting the strategic direction of the organization.
c. To ensure that the organization has a defined governance framework in place including policies and processes.
d. To develop, implement and ensure compliance with laws, bylaws, and policies.
e. To select, support, guide, direct, evaluate and determine compensation for the Executive Director (ED).
f. To ensure the financial health of the organization by ensuring there are adequate resources to conduct its work, by monitoring the budget and expenditures, by protecting the assets of the organization and by ensuring there is an annual audit of the financials.
g. To enhance the organization's public image through Agency public relations and promotions.
h. To monitor the community to ensure that services are relevant and accessible to supported individuals.
i. To report to the community on an annual basis at the annual general meeting.
j. To oversee the operations of the Board by determining its role, evaluating its operations, and by recruiting, training and evaluating individual Board Directors.

Role of Individual Directors
Every Director shall:
a. Establish and implement the mission, vision and philosophy of the Agency.
b. Establish goals, objectives and priorities for the Agency in meeting the needs of all stakeholders.
c. Agree to and sign the Board's Confidentiality Agreement and the Code of Conduct.
d. Help the Board to monitor the performance of the Agency in relation to its mission, vision and purpose.
e. Participate in the review of the Agency's mission and in the development of a strategic plan.
f. Ensure that the Agency follows its legal obligations.
g. Understand and scrutinize all financial matters including participating in the approval of the annual budget and monitoring the financial performance in relation to it.
h. Attend and participate in Board meetings, committee meetings and the annual general meeting.
i. Thoroughly review all meeting materials and prepare for and participate in the discussions and deliberations of the Board.
j. Establish a strong working relationship with Board colleagues that contributes to consensus.
k. Listen to each other's views, advocate their own, identify common interests and alternatives, and be open to compromise.
l. Support decisions of the Board and speak as one voice.
m. Keep Board discussions confidential.
n. Be aware of and abstain from any conflict of interest.
o. Assist in the establishment, review and monitoring of the Agency's policies.
p. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Agency's services.
q. Identify prospective Board Directors and possibly help recruit them.
r. Participate in an annual Board self-evaluation.
s. Work with the ED to enhance the public image of the Agency.
t. Foster a positive working relationship with the ED and work with Board colleagues to support, guide, direct and evaluate the ED.

This is a volunteer role and there is no compensation, but you will receive access to our events, fundraisers etc. throughout the year and be a part of the Arcane Horizon Community of families and staff.

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity to contribute and gain valuable board experience, please send your resume and cover letter to the Director of Human Resources Trent Whidden at

Skills Required:

The commitment required is to attend a meeting once a month (held on the third Monday of the month), 10 months out of the year to provide your opinions and oversight, plus some time on one of our Committees (Governance, Finance, Fundraising, Board Nominations) throughout the year to move our mission and vision forward. Board terms run in 2-year increments.

Skills Gained/Related Careers:

Expertise in the following areas is an asset: Finance, Law, Board Governance, Human Resources.

Age: 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment:
Remote Volunteering
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: General Populace
Organization will provide: Training/Orientation
How to Apply: Email:
Closing Date: Apr 30, 2024
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