Meet the Youth Innovators

Fimbu Soccer & Mentorship Program

The Fimbu Soccer and Mentorship group is made up of three Congolese youth interested in guiding young people in their community to play soccer. By channeling energy into the sport, the group wants to direct youth away from gang involvement and toward a healthy mindset. They hope to mentor fellow community members by organizing fun activities like soccer matches, beach days, game nights, and other gatherings. The project also aims to unite the Congolese community in Manitoba through sports activities by bringing elders, youth, women, and children together to cheer on their soccer team.

Host Organization: Manitoba African Cup of Nations Inc. (MACN)

MACN is a non-profit organization originally established in 2020 for the youth within the Black community of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hosting annual soccer tournaments as well as other summer activities for the children, creates an interactive outlet for them to connect with others in the community. Moving to this area posed quite the culture shock for many underserved youth as they began to feel pressure from their peers to stray from their studies and athletic goals as well. This is where the "Free to Play" Soccer Program truly shines.

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Da-Mino Matisichic

Da-Mino Matisichic group is made of four participants from Opaskwayak Cree Nation looking to host various workshops with community members on social issues like mental health, intimate safety, addiction, and continuing education. Mental health workshops will be essential for people looking to cope with their feelings and have a healthy mindset. Intimate safety workshops will ensure individuals know about safe sex practices and encourage people to get tested regularly. Addiction workshops will be essential to teach youth traditional teachings to overcome addiction. Continuing education workshops will teach individuals the importance of education and will give virtual tours to different universities.

Host Organization: Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre is a community healthcare centre at the Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN). It is named after Beatrice Mary Wilson for her unyielding pursuit of health and well-being for OCN, her legacy of determination will live on. The Centre was designed to highlight the strength and pride of its People.

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Personal Finance for Black Youth

The Personal Finance for Black Youth group is made of five participants who intend to organize series of training sessions for Black youth on necessary financial skills. These sessions will cover topics such as money management, budgeting, savings and investments vehicles, credit, student loans and compound interest. The project is meant to provide youth participants in the Black community with financial literacy and a sense of personal agency over their financial situations. The project will utilize the government's free resource manual to improve financial literacy among young Canadian adults.

Host Organization: Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc

Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the awareness, education and rights of Black Women and their families in Manitoba. This is done through the delivery of programs and projects, informed by meaningful dialogue, and geared to serve the needs, hopes and aspirations of Black Women and their families.

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Accessible Sport Awareness Program

Accessible Sport Awareness group seeks to create presentations on accessible sport that can be used in schools for professional development as well as by therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and prosthetists. The project focuses on three main areas:

  • To get kids with disabilities participating in their gym classes alongside their peers.
  • To create awareness on accessible sport programs available in Manitoba.
  • To provide education on how to incorporate Para sport into gym classes using common equipment.

The schools that sign up for the Professional Development Day will be eligible to have the youth group demonstrate a Para sport, boccia, to the gym classes.

Host Organization: Accessible Sport Connection Manitoba

We are a not-for-profit organization that facilitates accessible & inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for all Manitobans. Through leadership, collaboration, and innovation, we envision a unified space where Manitobans of all abilities have equal access to Sport and Recreation. We aspire to be the Heart and Hub of Accessible Sport in Manitoba.

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Newcomer Youth Networking & Literacy support

The Newcomer Youth Networking & Literacy support group plans to set up a literacy support network in elementary and middle schools across Brandon that will assist newcomer students to feel welcome to the city and their new schools. The program will include various activities and opportunities, like touring, gaming, creating mini libraries to help students access books during summer, help them make new friends and to keep them engaged in the community.

Host Organization: Westman Immigrant Services (WIS)

WIS is a not-for-profit, registered charity organization providing programs and services to newcomers in the Western Manitoba region. In addition to being a service provider, we liaise with community groups and organizations to work towards building capacity in our community for improving services to immigrants and refugees.

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Helping CommUNITY204

The Helping CommUNITY204 group is made of four youth members who want to install water hydration stations at vantage points in the Downtown areas of Winnipeg during summer. The project includes other activities such as:

  • Soup for the Soul Sundays - assisting in preparing and serving food on Sundays to community members.
  • Donation Drives - coordinating the donation of clothing and hygiene products.
  • Safety Patrol Walks - supporting safety patrol walks, safely disposing needles, and keeping the neighbourhoods clean during spring and summer months.

Host Organization: CommUNITY204 Inc

CommUNITY204 is a not-for-profit organization that believes in heart work and people helping people. Community is UNITY!

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