Program Coordinator

Organization Details
Organization Name: Humanitarian Solidarity for Development and Empowerment
Address: 14
Penticton Bay
Winnipeg MB  R2J 1S9
Organizational Description: We are a nonprofit organisation that works to reduce poverty and increase well-being through solidarity and sustainable development to empower individuals or communities.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Volunteer Opportunity ID: 5225
Description of Duties:

As a Program Coordinator, your duties typically include:

1. Program Planning and Development: Collaborate with stakeholders to identify community needs and develop program goals, objectives, and strategies to address them.

2. Resource Allocation: Allocate resources, including budget, staff, and materials, to support program implementation and ensure efficient use of resources.

3. Program Implementation: Oversee the implementation of programs, ensuring activities are carried out according to the program plan and timeline.

4. Participant Recruitment and Engagement: Develop strategies to recruit participants for programs and engage them actively in program activities.

5. Training and Capacity Building: Provide training, support, and resources to program staff, volunteers, and participants to enhance their skills and capacity to achieve program objectives.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation: Develop and implement systems to monitor program progress, track key performance indicators, and evaluate outcomes to assess program effectiveness and make data-driven decisions.

7. Partnership Development: Build and maintain partnerships with other organizations, government agencies, and community stakeholders to leverage resources, share best practices, and collaborate on program initiatives.

8. Community Outreach and Education: Conduct outreach activities, workshops, and events to raise awareness about program services, recruit participants, and engage community members.

9. Reporting and Documentation: Prepare regular progress reports, impact assessments, and other documentation to communicate program results to stakeholders, funders, and the community.

10. Advocacy and Policy Engagement: Advocate for policy changes and systemic reforms to address root causes of social issues targeted by the organization's programs.

11. Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution: Handle crises and conflicts that may arise during program implementation, providing support and guidance to staff, volunteers, and participants as needed.

12. Budget Management: Manage program budgets, track expenses, and ensure financial accountability and compliance with funding requirements.

13. Adherence to Organizational Values and Mission: Ensure that all program activities and initiatives align with the organization's mission, values, and ethical standards.

14. Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for program improvement and innovation, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and participants to enhance program quality and effectiveness.

Skills Required:

Skills include program planning and development, project management, stakeholder engagement, strategic thinking, problem-solving, team leadership, cultural competency, data analysis and evaluation, advocacy and policy engagement, communication skills, time management, financial management, adaptability and flexibility, and commitment to the mission. In addition, the skills to set timelines, allocate resources, and ensure program goals are achieved on time and within budget. They must also be able to identify challenges and develop creative solutions, foster a supportive team environment, and work effectively with diverse communities.

Skills Gained/Related Careers:

Program Coordinator can develop valuable skills that can be applied to various related careers. These skills include program management, stakeholder engagement, project management, data analysis and evaluation, advocacy and policy engagement, communication and marketing, community development, volunteer management, financial management, and leadership and team management. Experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating programs prepares individuals for roles such as Program Manager, Project Coordinator, and Community Development Specialist. Building relationships with stakeholders and analyzing program data prepares individuals for roles in research, evaluation, advocacy, communication, marketing, community development, volunteer management, financial management, and leadership.

Age: 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment:
Remote Volunteering
Flexible Hours
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
- St. Boniface
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: General Populace
Organization will provide: A letter of reference
How to Apply: Email:
Closing Date: Jun 1, 2024
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