Conduct Interviews & Focus Groups

October 26, 2022
12:00 PM to 01:30 PM

Planning and Evaluation Foundations Series

You know what you want to measure, now you need to decide who you want to gather data from and how. This series will refine your ability to design surveys, focus groups and interviews.

Workshops offered:

This series is in partnership with Leading4impact

Leading4impact (formerly Health in Common) has been working with communities, organizations, and government at the federal, provincial, and municipal level, since 2007. With a reputation for providing quality planning and evaluation services, Leading4impact provides services and training virtually and in-person. Services include strategic planning, program evaluation, engagement and facilitation, and data management. Learning options explore change management knowledge and approaches to organizational and leadership development.

Conduct Interviews & Focus Groups

With an interview or focus group guide in hand, it's time to gather data and lead the discussion. Join us to learn and practice strategies and techniques to conduct interviews and focus groups

Learning Objectives:

  • prepare for the discussions
  • use good interviewing and facilitation principles (e.g. probing vs. leading questions)
  • capture discussions (e.g. recording, note taking, transcribing)
  • practice techniques

Who should take this course:

People who plan, deliver, evaluate or talk about the intended results of a program (e.g., program staff, coordinators, managers).

Facilitator Bio:

Bohdanna Kinasevych is a respected evaluator that has worked with community organizations for over 20 years. She has extensive experience designing and managing qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research and evaluation projects, with a range of stakeholders in the non-profit and public sector. She has completed professional training in the use of Social Return on Investment (SROI) to monetize the social and economic value of social programs.

Bohdanna holds a Master of Science in Community Health Sciences from the University of Manitoba, and is a credentialed evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society. She is a certified change management practitioner.

Technical requirements:

To participate virtually, you will need a computer/mobile device with internet connection, speakers and microphone. A webcam is preferred but optional.






Bohdanna Kinasevych

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