We've got the Scoop on the Upcoming Event: Leadership for Westman Non-Profit Professionals

  • November 2, 2022

    Posted by: Kamillah El-Giadaa

    Calling all Westman non-profit professionals!

    We've created an event that is a lovely combination of professional development, networking and good food! It's the perfect antidote to the pandemic situation we find ourselves in:

    • something to inspire you going forward
    • tangible tips you can use immediately
    • and meeting (and reconnecting with) people in the non-profit organizations in your area!

    Be sure to watch the video to hear more about the event as well as some solid tips to use now!

    Join us on Nov. 16th, 8:30am - 12:30pm - Register Now!

    We got to sit down with Megan Foster this week to chat about our upcoming workshop!

    For those that don't know Megan, she owns and operates Mosaic Engagement, she works with organizations through energetic, interactive facilitation to generate action-based solutions. She is based in Brandon and works with organizations across Manitoba helping to enhance the culture of the organization, through action planning and strategic planning.

    So what is the Leadership for Westman Non-Profit Professionals event all about?

    We know there is a need in the Westman area for professional development and networking specially for those that work or volunteer in the non-profit sector. The idea of this workshop is to enjoy good food, network, ask questions and learn from Megan and each other!

    We will be learning creative ways when working with limited budgets of time, dollars and people (which all of us who work in the non-profit sector know all too well). We will chat about what we can do to overcome those limitations. What is working well currently and what is new coming up in the sector.

    We will also touch on what is working for you individually. We know that non-profit professionals (we are looking at volunteers too!) go above and beyond, that is what called us to the sector but this can lead to burn out. In this workshop we will explore how we can manage our workloads.

    What will attendees will take away from the day?

    We will give you something you can use as soon as you are back in the office. What can you expect:

    • Tangible tips and tricks that you can you use the very next day.
    • Connect with new non-profit professionals or reconnect with people you have worked with before.
    • To be engaged. You won't just be listening to someone present for hours.
    • Learn about yourself and how you can work better with your team.
    • Have fun!

    Why is this important right now for non-profit professionals?

    We are seeing non-profit professionals are unsettled with their footing. People are working differently (hybrid, remote, in office or no office) funding has shifted and we are all trying to figure out what we do next as organizations coming out of the pandemic.

    November 16th is a bit of a pause and exhale. Let's move forward with intention, clarity and support within our sector. We are stronger together!

    Who is this for?

    Anyone who is a Board Member, leading a project, program or organization. Someone who has been in the sector for 2 months or 20 years, all are welcome.

    Something to note, non-Profits in the Westman area might not have an Executive Director, they might be in Winnipeg, Regina or even Vancouver. You, as a program leader or volunteer, still need professional development. This workshop is for you!

    One piece advice to a non-profit professional right now

    Take a moment to debrief. After a meeting or onboarding a volunteer, think about the following:

    1. What went well?
    2. Where did I stumble?
    3. What can I learn moving forward?

    You can learn more tips and resources on November 16th in Brandon with Volunteer Manitoba and Megan Foster!

    Leadership for Westman Non-Profit Professionals
    with Megan Foster

    November 16th, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
    The Backyard on Aberdeen
    Brandon MB

    To see more information and to register for the workshop - go to our training page!

    Join us by registering today!


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