Transforming the Next Generation of Change Makers: Apply for the VM Community Youth Innovators Program! (CLOSED)

  • December 1, 2021

    Posted by: Gloria Dovoh

    The next generation of change makers don't just appear overnight - they are created during their youth when experiences develop certain values and skills. And being exposed to a community cause is the best way to gain that experience to understand what kind of change you want to make.

    My name is Gloria Makafui Dovoh (she/her), and I am a youth volunteer here in Manitoba! I am also the Community Relations Coordinator at Volunteer Manitoba, where I am contributing to the kind of change I want to see in my community. As VM's Community Relations Coordinator, I have the opportunity to create exciting programs that engage youth in volunteerism. Through my volunteer experience, I saw the need for more accessible and supportive resources for youth involvement that helps grow and expand their professional and personal development. This inspired me to use my skills and build a means to address this issue through the VM Community Youth Innovator program.

    If you haven't yet, make sure to click the link to read what this program has to offer and how it can help you, as a young Manitoban, create change in your own way.

    So, why is volunteering important for youth?

    It's easy - it's where transformation begins for you and those around you. For a young volunteer, being involved in the community provides useful skills like collaboration and problem solving. Not only are these practical skills for both school and the workplace, but they also provide a new pathway for those who may have fallen behind. Also, youth volunteers who become more involved in their community inspire others around them, like impacting other youth to donate their time to a cause they are passionate about. This can create a ripple effect, influencing the next group of young change makers.

    Volunteering also builds relationships with individuals in the community, other volunteers, and potential employers.

    How does the VM Community Youth Innovator program help me and those around me?

    The VM Community Youth Innovators program will provide youth the opportunity to:

    1. Learn: take training in various topics that are beneficial for community engagement and work leadership.
    2. Create Their Own Project: use guidance to implement an innovative project that addresses a community issue.
    3. Reflect: evaluate projects efficiency and effectiveness through evaluation tools.

    Applying to this program offers the resources for youth to use their existing and newfound skills to assist their community with an intervention and/or solution to a current issue. The impacts of the youth's projects not only uplifts the community, but also helps youth create a new professional skill set to create even more impacts in the future.

    What will my project do for the community?

    Participants' creative, solution-based, and engaging projects will influence community members in both simple and significant ways. Though, it truly depends on your mission for the kinds of impacts you'd like to create. Whether that be offering resources, engaging children, or providing education, it supports a community cause that has the power to change lives.

    How do participants help volunteerism in Manitoba?

    As the volunteer hub of Manitoba, we see the impacts of volunteers across the province and provide resources to continue engaging those who want to donate their time. One of our goals is to encourage youth volunteerism, to develop greater social interest and appreciation for those ages 18 to 29. We believe our network is our net worth; the more we engage in our community, the greater the chances are of unlocking new opportunities.

    Overall, the VM Community Youth Innovators program is here for YOU! Be sure to share this blog and our application page with your friends and other individuals who may be interested. We, including myself, are the future change makers our province needs. It's time to put our ideas into action and develop key skills to create even greater impacts in the future.

    Ready to get involved?

    Applications are now open! Click here to read more about the program and to submit an application. If you have any additional questions or would like to see if this is the right program for your team, please do not hesitate to email me at




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