Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

As a volunteer, you have the RIGHT to:

  1. Receive acknowledgment from the organization's Board of Directors and senior staff
  2. Feel welcomed and be treated as a valued and integral member of the organization's team
  3. A policy framework that defines and supports volunteer involvement
  4. Know that risk has been assessed, managed and mitigated
  5. Understand how your role contributes to the organization's mission
  6. A clearly communicated and transparent screening process
  7. Receive an orientation to the organization, its policies and practices, and training specific to your volunteer role
  8. Receive the appropriate level of support and supervision and are provided with opportunities to give feedback
  9. Be recognized and acknowledged both formally and informally for your contribution
  10. Participate in an assessment of your performance

Based on the 2012 Canada Code for Volunteer Involvement