Volunteer Management

Volunteer Manitoba offers training in volunteer administration to help organizations manage and build their volunteer programs. Our Volunteer Management series is based on the principles of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement and is designed for those who support volunteer engagement within their organization.

Volunteer Management Level 1 - $400
(3 day workshop)

Develop a clear understanding of the components necessary to develop an effective volunteer program in your organization. Learn about: Trends & Planning - Communication & Problem Solving - Job Design & Risk Management - Screening & Interviewing - Marketing & Recruitment - Performance Management - Recognition, Orientation & Training

Volunteer Management Level 2 - $275
(2 day workshop)

Day 1 - Leadership

Whether you are working as a full time Volunteer Manager for an organization or charity, you manage volunteers as part of your overall job, or you are a contract worker for an event or festival, managing volunteers requires strong leadership skills and the ability to communicate effectively with others.

Day 2 - Risk Management

Effective and efficient risk management practices are critical for organizations to fulfill legal, moral and ethical responsibilities for all whom they engage. Screening helps define the relationship between the organization and its volunteers, and increases the quality, safety of the programs, and services being delivered to the community.

Screening takes into consideration the skills, experience and qualifications that are necessary for volunteer placement and establishes an ongoing process to engage those best suited for a role within the organization.


Program Planning & Evaluation (Distance) - $200

Prerequisite: Volunteer Manitoba's "Volunteer Management Level 1"

Building and maintaining a quality volunteer program takes careful planning and analysis. Participants in this course will gain the skills and resources to:
- determine the most pressing needs of their clients
- establish realistic goals and outcomes for their programs, and
- evaluate their program's performance.

This course is currently being offered in a distance learning format for your convenience. Registration for this course is ongoing throughout the year and participants will have 5 weeks to complete the readings and assignments. There will be 3 short assignments throughout the course and one larger, final assignment. The instructor will be available by phone and email to answer any questions and assist you through the materials.

*You are required to use the Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation textbook by Carter McNamara which may be purchased through Volunteer Manitoba for an extra $50 fee, or you may order it directly from the following website: www.authenticityconsulting.com

Start Dates:
Start anytime
5 weeks total

Workshop Location:
by distance

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