Volunteer Management

Volunteer Manitoba offers training in volunteer administration to help organizations manage and build their volunteer programs. The workshops are based on the principles of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement and are designed for those who work with, manage and/or support volunteer engagement within their organization.

Below is our full list of Volunteer Management workshops that we can deliver directly to your group or organization. Please contact the Training Coordinator for more information: training@volunteermanitoba.ca or 204-477-5180 ext. 222.

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Dealing with Difficult Volunteers - 3 hours

How do we handle those volunteers that are causing some problems or are no longer invested in the organization? From non-compliance to undermining their fellow volunteers, we need to deal with what is going on so that it doesn't continue but more importantly, so it does not adversely affect our other volunteers. This workshop will look at bad behaviours and how to correct them and strengthen our volunteer base.

Encouraging Community Involvement - Full Day

This one day training session will focus on volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition. Participants will learn what it takes to encourage and support community involvement, applying the latest research in how to engage all ages and unique groups. You will assess your current practices against best practices, while identifying steps to enhance and improve volunteer involvement. This is an essential workshop for anyone who works with and wants to get the best out of their volunteers!

"I enjoyed the workshop, gave me some great ideas and the instructor was fantastic!!!" ~Lin, Lac Du Bonnet

Managing Risk to your Clients and Volunteers - Full Day

Effective and efficient risk management practices are critical for organizations to fulfill legal, moral and ethical responsibilities for all whom they engage. Screening helps define the relationship between the organization and its volunteers, and increases the quality, safety of the programs, and services being delivered to the community.

Screening takes into consideration the skills, experience and qualifications that are necessary for volunteer placement and establishes an ongoing process to engage those best suited for a role within the organization.

Sustaining Volunteer Involvement - 3 hours

After investing your time recruiting volunteers, it is heartbreaking when they leave not long after they start. This is an organizational issue. In this workshop you will examine what impacts a volunteer's decision to leave or stay including the volunteer work that is being offered, the climate where it is being offered, and the support given to volunteers. Take control and change those aspects that negatively impact on volunteers.


Program Planning & Evaluation (Distance) - $200

Building and maintaining a quality volunteer program takes careful planning and analysis. Participants in this course will gain the skills and resources to:
- determine the most pressing needs of their clients
- establish realistic outcomes and corresponding strategic program plan to achieve these outcomes, and
- evaluate their program's performance.

This course is currently being offered in a distance learning format for your convenience. Registration for this course is ongoing throughout the year and participants will have 5 weeks to complete the readings and assignments. There will be 3 short assignments throughout the course and one larger, final assignment. The instructor will be available by phone and email to answer any questions and assist you through the materials.

*You are required to use the Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation textbook by Carter McNamara, which may be purchased through Volunteer Manitoba for an extra $50 fee, or you may order it directly from the following website: www.authenticityconsulting.com

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