Board Member Helping Hands Breast Cancer

Opportunity ID: 184

Organization Details
Organization Name: Helping Hands for Manitobans with Breast Cancer Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 35008
963 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg, MB R2K 2M0
Organizational Description: Non profit breast cancer group that provides financial assistance to those in need across Manitoba.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: We are a small Board with all volunteer members who will assume an executive or client applications position within our group after being with us one year. We meet six months of the year between September and June, with no meetings in the summertime, from 6-7:30 p.m. in downtown Winnipeg, currently at Misericordia Hospital. Free street parking.
Skills Required: People who want to help make a difference to a breast cancer patient's cancer journey. Email is required.
Skills Gained/Related Careers: Teamwork is important as we work together and help one another when required.
Age: 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Evening
Board meetings are from 6-7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month, but we only meet about 6 months of the year, and not in the summertime. We are a working board and everyone helps out organizing fundraisers and with events to support our group. All board members shall assume either an executive position or client applications position after being with us for one year or less. Positions are for two year terms, maximum four years, with the vice-president moving up to president after his/her two year term.
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: General Populace
Organization will provide: Training/Orientation
How to Apply: Online:
Closing Date: Dec 31, 2018