Training & Development

Throughout the year, Volunteer Manitoba delivers effective, relevant and engaging training for boards, staff and volunteers. Our workshops are a great way to build those essential skills needed for a career in the non-profit and volunteer sectors.

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All of our workshops are full of valuable information and practical resources, which you can hold on to for future reference.


By partnering with you to meet your individual or professional development goals and training needs, we will help you develop your capacity and become more efficient, focused and responsive.

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- Organizational Development

- Board Governance

- Volunteer Management

Volunteer Manitoba is proud to be a leader in community engagement by promoting and encouraging volunteerism to all Manitobans. We aim to provide information, training and resources on all aspects of the voluntary sector and to build strong communities with our working partners in government, business and the not-for-profit/charitable sector. We achieve this by supporting individuals and groups as they develop and enhance their capacity to meet community

If you are interested in learning more about our training opportunities, please contact us at or call us at 204-477-5180!