Basics of Non-Profit Bookkeeping

February 03, 2022
09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

This workshop will teach you the basics of setting up effective bookkeeping for your non-profit organization!

Proper bookkeeping (and the information it provides) is crucial to the survival of every non-profit organization. This workshop is designed for staff and volunteers who know little about accounting but need to know the basics of setting up an effective bookkeeping system for the organization, and how non-profit accounting differs from for-profit accounting.

Participants will become familiar with bookkeeping basics and accounting vocabulary, and will learn the importance of records, processes, internal control policies, and the timely recognition of revenue and expenses. The workshop will also cover the basics of double-entry bookkeeping and how to prepare financial statements and bank reconciliations.

Who should attend?

This workshop is recommended for non-profit staff and volunteers who are responsible for the bookkeeping within the organization.


An accomplished business professional, Angela Hilland, CPA, CGA, Controller at the Precision Group of Companies. Angela has extensive experience with a variety of organizations and industries including not-for-profits, manufacturing, software technology, hospitality, retail, and real estate development. She has a broad base of knowledge in several functional areas, including financial, human resources and operations management, information technology, marketing and business development. Angela holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours from the University of Manitoba and earned her CGA designation in 1999.


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Angela Hilland

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