Application: Support2Support

May 10, 2021 12:00 AM to June 10, 2021 11:55 PM

In partnership with the Winnipeg Foundation, we have created a program for non-profit leaders to build their personal resilience and calm during this time of high anxiety - a program to support leaders so they can support the rest of their organization.

Support2Support helps Executive Directors and non-profit leaders develop fundamental self-care techniques needed to lay the foundation for a healthy workplace.

This unique and comprehensive program offers a combination of instruction to learn the impacts of prolonged stress and coaching so you can implement concrete strategies to build resilience. You will have an opportunity to learn and practice in a supportive environment ways to handle constant change and stress so you can continue to support your team.

Non-profits are already battling injustice, serving the marginalized, and fighting for change in their communities every day. This work is unique, and complex, and also something to be proud of - there is nothing like seeing the positive impact on your community as a result of you and your team's hard work.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has created a dark cloud of uncertainty for all of us, with extra stress placed on the shoulders of non-profit leaders who are worried about the future of their organizations, staff, and communities. Despite a strong desire to relieve staff of the extra stresses brought on by the pandemic, the unpredictable and unreliable nature of funding means that this can be a challenge. Now more than ever, non-profit leaders need to practice self-care and understand how to create resilient, virtual workplace cultures to survive and thrive.

The Support2Support program runs from June 24 through to September 8, 2021. The cost of the program is completely covered by a grant from the Winnipeg Foundation, and there are 15 spots available.

Application deadline is June 10th.

Program Outline:

Each module in this program will consist of a 50 minute webinar, followed by a Q&A session.

After each webinar, you will have an opportunity to connect with the facilitator for a special connection session. These sessions will focus on how to implement material from the webinars into your day-to-day leadership, and allow for networking between participants.

A private Facebook Group will also be established, and moderated by the facilitator. This will allow participants to support, encourage, and inspire each other

Modules and Connection Sessions:

All webinars and connections take place between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm

  • June 24, Connection Session #1
  • June 29, Module 1: The Impact of Uncertainty
  • July 7, Module 2: Building Resilience
  • July 14, Connection Session #2
  • July 21, Module 3: The Impact of Stress and Micro-Strategies
  • July 28, Connection Session #3
  • August 4, Module 4: Leading through Constant Change
  • August 11, Connection Session #4
  • August 19, Module 5: Stress Management Styles, Micro-Strategies and the Relaxation Response
  • August 26, Connection Session #5
  • September 2, Module 6: Long-Term Strategies, Maintaining Resilience and Recognizing Stress in Others
  • September 8, Connection Session #6

Who Should Attend?

Non-profit Executive Directors, leaders and CEOs


Genella McIntyre, Partners in Discovery

Genella is an author, international trainer and consultant and President of Partners in Discovery Ltd. Genella's focus is to improve the quality of personal and professional living. Genella helps organizations, large and small, determine what needs to happen to develop a productive, profitable and psychologically safe workplace. Genella's background includes experience in human resource management, executive leadership, personal and executive coaching, individual and family counseling and program development and evaluation. She has a Master of Arts degree in Applied Psychology plus certificates in Coaching and Mediation Skills.

Genella has extensive experience with the training division of the Manitoba Government and has delivered a variety of organizational development workshops including leadership, management, personal development, team-building, time management, personality and communication styles to a range of government departments.

Genella has trained and coached with employees of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit family services agencies, health authorities, Health Canada, Insurance Groups, the Canadian Military, construction and industry. Genella's experience also includes instructing for local universities and colleges.

Technical Requirements:

To participate, you will need a computer/mobile device with internet connection, speakers, webcam and microphone.

Program valued at over $1000 per person


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Genella McIntyre

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