Masterclass 1: Pivot From Group to Team

April 07, 2021
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

This class is part of our Masterclass Series: Developing Your Master Team

Are you managing a group or a team? View a conversation with our Executive Director, Jackie Hunt, to explore the difference between a group and a team and how a true, high-functioning team can impact the quality of decisions and outcomes for your clients. The other half of the session will include an activity to apply the concepts and network with other leaders, along with a live discussion and Q&A with Jackie.

Join us for all 3 sessions in our Masterclass Series for our special price of $70.

Who Should Attend:

Those responsible for leading non-profit staff and volunteers. Participants can include Executive Directors, program managers, board members, committee members, volunteer managers, coordinators and anyone who is interested in learning more about this topic.


Jackie Hunt is a training consultant, community leader and Volunteer Manitoba's Executive Director. She is also the co-founder of The Kindred Project, a non-profit organization that provides feminine hygiene products for over 300 women in need each and every month.

Prior to joining Volunteer Manitoba, Jackie was an elected official in the RM of Ritchot. She began her involvement with the RM as a counselor and then as the mayor. She believes in the power of strong communities and service to others, and she has built a strong reputation working with government, community leaders, organization and individuals who share those same values.

In her current role as Executive Director, Jackie combines her extensive experience in community engagement and her strong leadership style to position Volunteer Manitoba as the leader and catalyst for engaging all Manitobans.

Technical Requirements:

To participate, you will need a computer/mobile device with internet connection, speakers and microphone. A webcam is preferred but optional.


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Jackie Hunt

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