FREE Webinar: Well-Being 101 - For Service Providers

January 13, 2021
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

During this session we will discuss compassion fatigue and exhaustion, and how to take care of our hearts and minds. Well-being can be described as the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. In partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba (CMHA) this course will describe the various dimensions of well-being and the impact of well-being on our mental health.



Who should attend:

Those responsible for providing service to the public in the health or non-profit sector, leaders of volunteers who's volunteers may be experiencing isolation due to the lockdown and need extra attention, those caring for loved ones and experiencing prolonged stress. Participants can include Executive Directors, program managers, board members, volunteer managers, and any member of the public who is interested in learning more about how to support themselves and others.


Laura Malmquist is an experienced facilitator and passionate about education and addictions work. Laura is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Family Social Science) and her Applied Counselling Certificate, both through the University of Manitoba. As a person with lived mental illness experience, including recovery from an eating disorder, Laura understands the link between mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and advocates to bring awareness to mental illness and addictions to reduce stigma and shame surrounding individuals living with these experiences.

Glenna Last is the Partnership for Recovery Coordinator at CMHA Winnipeg & Manitoba. She is proudly a person with lived experience who enjoys sharing her story of mental health recovery. When she's not playing with her two puppies, she appreciates a rollerblade down the street in summer and a snowboard down the slopes in winter. Glenna is happy to work with folks with an interest in mental health, as well as those looking to work through their own mental health challenges as a peer.


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Laura Malmquist and Glenna Last (CMHA)

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