Masterclass 2: Leveraging Your Team for Creative Solutions

April 14, 2021
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

This class is part of our Masterclass Series: Developing Your Master Team

Creativity is essential in the fast-paced environment in which we're currently existing. How can you leverage the skills and expertise in your team to pivot quickly and meet your clients' needs creatively within your funding and capacity constraints?View a conversation with Megan Foster of Mosiac Engagement, to explore techniques and tools to raise the creativity of your team. The other half of the session will include an activity to apply the concepts and network with other leaders, along with a live discussion and Q&A with Megan.

Join us for all 3 sessions in our Masterclass Series for our special price of $70.

Who Should Attend:

Those responsible for leading non-profit staff and volunteers. Participants can include Executive Directors, program managers, board members, committee members, volunteer managers, coordinators and anyone who is interested in learning more about this topic.


Megan Foster, Mosaic Engagement works with organizations and groups to pull together thoughts, ideas, and next steps. She has a passion for developing culture, enhancing cohesion, increasing motivation and promoting supportive environments. She recognizes that together is better than apart and the magic happens when individuals come together to create something great. She finds fulfillment in helping facilitating connection and movement to create personal and professional growth.

Technical Requirements:

To participate, you will need a computer/mobile device with internet connection, speakers and microphone. A webcam is preferred but optional.


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Megan Foster, Mosaic Engagement

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