Webinar: Board Bylaws - A Non-Profit's Most Valuable Resource!

February 05, 2020
12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

All non-profit organizations need bylaws to exist, but what do they mean and why are they important?

Bylaws are the operating manual for every non-profit and its board of directors. Like all operating manuals, we tend to only read them when something goes wrong and we need to solve a problem or troubleshoot an issue.

This webinar will cover the purpose of bylaws and what provisions should be included, the common challenges faced in writing them, and the answers to some frequently asked questions like, "what is the right number of board members for our organization?" or "how long should our term limits be?"

Join us for this webinar and develop a better understanding of your organization's most valuable resource!

Who should attend?

This webinar is recommended for executive directors and board members who currently work or volunteer for a non-profit organization and would like to become more familiar with bylaws and how to make them reflect the needs of the organization.

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Judy Murphy, FCPA, FCA, CEC, CPHR, CMC

For more than 20 years, Judy has successfully shaped organizations in her capacities as a CEO, Management Consultant, Coach and Board Director. Judy's extensive experience in the board room, as a change leader and CEO gives her a rare and deep understanding to expertly guide boards and leaders through the complexities of governance, strategy and the development and motivation of people to achieve desired outcomes.





Judy Murphy, FCPA, FCA, CEC, CPHR, CMC

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