Webinar: Building Diversity on your Board

April 24, 2019
12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

Join us as Jessica Dumas, facilitator and Indigenous Advisor, shares her knowledge to help you create a more diverse and inclusive board. Many boards today are seeking representation that reflects the inclusive and diverse communities they serve, and would like create stronger connections to the Indigenous community. Jessica will share her knowledge of Indigenous history and the barriers faced when community members are asked to join boards and committees. She will also provide guidance on how to build relationships with the Indigenous community in order to create a diverse board.

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Jessica is the President of Jessica Dumas Coaching and Training, a known facilitator and Indigenous Advisor. She uses her passion and knowledge to help organizations create more diverse and inclusive teams.

Jessica was recognized for her professional expertise through nomination as a finalist in the CBC's Top 40 Manitoban's under 40 for 2015 and a finalist for 2017 Future Leaders of Manitoba. Her volunteer contributions have gained her wide respect within Manitoba. She served as Chairperson of the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, she is currently the Incoming Chair for the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, she is a member of the City of Winnipeg Mayor's Indigenous Advisory Circle, The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg and The CentrePort Advisor Committee and the Manitoba Museum Board of Governors. She is a powerful role model and a strong advocate for social justice.





Jessica Dumas

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