Creating Connections to Build Retention

April 07, 2020
01:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Workshop delivered virtually via web conferencing!

This workshop will help you better understand volunteer retention and how to create a meaningful connection with your volunteers.

When it comes to volunteer retention our minds often jump first to our own capacity, and what our organization is capable of achieving when it comes to retention. But it's important to look at retention from the volunteer's perspective.

We know from the research that the number one reason people want to volunteer is to make a difference in their community. The next most popular reason is to build or develop skills and expertise. As a leader of volunteers you will be a catalyst for this action. You can be the bridge between people who want to see a change in the world and your organization (or group) which has the resources and the mandate to make that change happen.

By offering an opportunity to affect change, and create a meaningful experience for your volunteers, you will see your volunteer retention strengthen.

This workshop will examine the steps to creating a meaningful connection with volunteers, what motivates volunteers, and what factors impact the volunteer's decision to leave the organization.

Who should participate?

This workshop is recommended for volunteer managers, staff and leadership volunteers who are responsible for engaging volunteers within their organization or group.


Lindsay Smith, an Executive Masters of Business Administration graduate, as well as a past Director of Human Resources and Volunteer Services for 90+ staff and 8100+ volunteers, is now an instructor at Red River College's Social Innovation School. She brings her vast professional, personal and volunteer experience to develop non-profits and individuals to strengthen the non-profit sector to effectively engage volunteers.


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Lindsay Smith

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