Elevate Your Online Presence When Using Canva.com!

January 09, 2025
09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Elevate Your Online Presence When Using Canva.com!

Are you already using Canva.com but feel like your designs could use improvement? Join our workshop to elevate the look of your organization's social media feed and stand out online.

The workshop will be packed with tips, tricks and strategies that will help you deliver more professional looking visual content when using this *free and user-friendly platform.

Topics covered:

  • Short overview of the tools and features of Canva.com
  • Tips for enhancing designs and creating more professional-looking layouts
  • Develop more proficient skills by exploring some of Canva's lesser-known tools and features
  • Learn useful tips for efficient use of the platform

*Please note: If you are a registered non-profit, we encourage you to apply for full access to Canva for free. It does take a short while to be approved so please apply well in advance of the workshop. www.canva.com/canva-for-nonprofits.

Who is this workshop for?

For people who want to learn about the Canva program, and how it can be used for creating images for social media to benefit your organization, or for those that are looking to improve upon their basic Canva skills.

Facilitator's Bio:

Corinne Napper is Volunteer Manitoba's Communication Assistant and is responsible for creating their social media, website, and print and video materials. While she has been using the industry-standard design programs for many years, Corinne has embraced Canva.com and is excited about sharing her experience in this workshop.

Technical requirements:

  • To participate virtually, you will need a computer/mobile device with internet connection, speakers and microphone. A webcam is preferred but optional.
  • An account with Canva.com.






Corinne Napper

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