Organizational Development

The Organizational Management workshops are designed to assist your organization develop and maintain effective management and organizational strategies.

Below is our full list of Organizational Development workshops that we can deliver directly to your group or organization. Please contact the Training Coordinator for details: or 204-477-5180 ext. 222.

See our workshop calendar for additional topics we are offering this term.

Bookkeeping Basics for Non-Profits - 3 hours

Designed especially for those who know little about accounting, this session will introduce you to the basics of setting up an effective bookkeeping system for your non-profit. Become familiar with accounting vocabulary and bookkeeping basics; Learn the importance of records, processes and the timely recognition of revenue and expenses; Receive an overview of double-entry bookkeeping, the bank reconciliation process and the preparation of financial statements.

Effective Proposal Writing - 3 or 6 hours

This workshop examines strategies to develop effective techniques for writing successful proposals for organizational funding or project support. Take an inspiring and informative look at what makes a winning proposal. Learn more about funders, what they are looking for and how they select winning proposals. Learn how to lay-out and write a credible, easy to read proposal that meets your funders' needs.

"This workshop gave me concise information and a step-by-step process on writing proposals for grants. I left with tangible information to help me. The facilitator was excellent!" ~ Workshop participant, Swan River

Social Media for Non-Profits - 3 or 6 hours

Every day, more and more non-profits are discovering the value of being active on social media. Having a social media presence can be an excellent way to market your non-profit, and it's free!

During this workshop learn the basics of social media for non-profits (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and how your organization or group can utilize these tools to better communicate with your members, other groups and the community at large


Program Planning & Evaluation (Distance) - $200

Building and maintaining a quality program takes careful planning and analysis. Participants in this course will gain the skills and resources to:
- determine the most pressing needs of their clients
- establish realistic outcomes and corresponding strategic program plan to achieve these outcomes, and
- evaluate their program's performance.

This course is currently being offered in a distance learning format for your convenience. Registration for this course is ongoing throughout the year and participants will have 5 weeks to complete the readings and assignments. There will be 3 short assignments throughout the course and one larger, final assignment. The instructor will be available by phone and email to answer any questions and assist you through the materials.

*You are required to use the Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation textbook by Carter McNamara, which may be purchased through Volunteer Manitoba for an extra $50 fee, or you may order it directly from the following website:

Start Dates:
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5 weeks total

Workshop Location:
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