Board Governance

Volunteer Manitoba's Board Governance Series is designed specifically for not-for-profit Board members, managers and staff who want to contribute to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization.

Below is our full list of Board Governance workshops that are available either for individual registration or as Custom Training delivered directly to your group and/or organization.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Board
(3 hour workshop)

Learn the basic responsibilities and legal duties of non-profit boards during this workshop. You will gain a better understanding of the differences between "Governance" and "Operations" activities. Discover how a board creates its own "unique" model of governance. Topics will include legal liability, risk management, insurance issues and written guidelines for policies, procedures, by-laws, and constitutional change.

Developing Effective Board Policy
(3 hour workshop)

Board policies are the guidelines describing the expectations for meetings, board members, staff and volunteers. You will learn the differences and similarities between constitution, by-laws and policy, as well as how to create and utilize a board policy manual. This workshop will also provide a reference for board behavior, accountability and transparency and help you create a pathway to decision-making that will reduce conflict.

Financial Responsibilities of the Board
(3 hour workshop)

This workshop will help boards and managers who require a better understanding of their financial responsibilities towards their organization. You will learn basic skills in financial management, understanding budgets, accounting systems and financial policies.

Effective, Efficient and Meaningful Meetings
(3 Hour workshop)

This workshop is designed to help you improve the quality of your board meetings. Whether you attend as a leader or a participant, create the most impact on the outcome of the meeting by learning the criteria for running a successful meeting; learn why non-profit meetings are unique; who does what and how; and why strategic planning and board development are necessary to incorporate into every meeting.

Strategic Board Governance
(3 hour workshop)

Strategic planning is a tool that can greatly benefit any non-profit or for-profit agency of any sector, size or stage of development. You will learn how to work with groups to create a shared future vision; to determine priorities and goals; and to design a road map showing how to get there. Through strategic planning organizations can improve communication and teamwork; better align activities and resources; develop clear strategies and action plans; and develop deeper understanding and commitment to the organization.