Celebrate National Volunteer Week 2023 with Volunteer Manitoba!

  • April 3, 2023

    Posted by: Corinne Napper

    National Volunteer Week is the annual celebration of the wonderful individuals who give their time and effort to make a difference in their communities. The theme for 2023 is "Volunteering Weaves Us Together". This highlights the importance of volunteering in creating a strong and vibrant community, where volunteers share their time, talent, and energy to support each other and the community.

    As a Leader of Volunteers, showing appreciation for your volunteers is crucial in maintaining their motivation and dedication.

    Here are five ways to show your appreciation:

    • Say thank you: A simple thank you can go a long way in showing your volunteers that you value their contributions. Take the time to thank them personally, through email, or in a group setting. If you spotlight your volunteers on social media - be sure to tag @VolunteerManitoba and we will repost it in our stories!
    • Celebrate milestones: Recognize and celebrate your volunteers' achievements, whether it's hitting a certain number of hours, completing a project, or reaching a fundraising goal. This shows that you're paying attention and that their efforts are making a real impact.
    • Create a sense of community: Foster a sense of community among your volunteers by organizing social events, such as potlucks or game nights. This helps build relationships and strengthens their connection to your organization.
    • Provide opportunities for growth: Encourage your volunteers' personal and professional growth by providing training, workshops, and networking opportunities. This shows that you care about their development and want to help them succeed.
    • Show appreciation year-round: While National Volunteer Week is a great time to show appreciation, don't forget to do so all year round. Regularly check in with your volunteers, provide feedback and recognition, and show them that their contributions are valued and appreciated.

    National Volunteer Week Resources

    This year, National Volunteer Week will be celebrated from April 16-22, 2023. Being less than two weeks away, VM would like to help you celebrate your volunteers so we have rounded up some resources for you!:

    • Certificate of Appreciation: customize a certificate you can email or print! Link to Canva template
    • NEW! Thank you banner: sending an email thank you to your volunteers? Dress it up by downloading and inserting this 'Thank you' banner at the top of your email!
    • Need some NVW-themed content for your social media feed? We have some words of encouragement for your volunteers ready to download and post in your feed!
    • Social Media NVW Photo Templates: Want an NVW-themed Instagram template or Facebook template to spotlight your volunteer but not a designer? Drag their photo into the template for a free, instant post image!
    • Check out our social media feeds for inspiring clips of volunteers sharing their stories. Don't hesitate to share them on your own social media!
    • Social Media Content and more - go to Volunteer Canada's website for an extensive list of downloads
    • The folks at Volunteer Pro help you write the Perfect Volunteer Thank You Letter
    • VM's Leaders of Volunteers Email List: If your job description includes leading or engaging volunteers please email Corinne Napper (corinne.napper@volunteermanitoba.ca) to be added to our special mailing list specific to Volunteer Engagers


    Showing appreciation for your volunteers is essential in maintaining their motivation and dedication. By saying thank you, providing opportunities for growth, celebrating milestones, creating a sense of community, and showing appreciation year-round, you can help ensure that your volunteers feel valued and fulfilled in their roles.

    We deeply value the contributions of all volunteers, and every action they take has a meaningful impact on the well-being of our community and we appreciate all the hard work and heart of leaders of volunteers everywhere.

    Thank you to all volunteers and Leaders of Volunteers!


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