Simple, Free, and Resourceful: How VM Can Help Organizations Recruit their Next Volunteer

  • November 2, 2021

    Posted by: Sharee Hochman

    Over the years, Volunteer Manitoba has dedicated its volunteer recruitment know-how to help other non-profits and charities successfully find volunteers to help them carry out their mission. Our service has only gained momentum since the Covid-19 pandemic began, with the increasing need for volunteers and embarking on the search to reach them.

    Follow along this blog to find out how VM can help your organization reach individuals across the province and build your volunteer team, for FREE!

    Register your Organization on VM's Website and Post your Volunteer Opportunity 🙌

    VM's Volunteer Opportunities page is home to hundreds of volunteer positions and attracts over 80% of our website traffic. Which means, this page gets a TON of attention, making it a valuable place to recruit your next volunteer.

    List your volunteer opportunity including the position responsibilities, location, preferred experience, deadline, and how to apply by registering with us here!

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please upload a logo into your profile - we're updating our website to include logos that will make your volunteer opportunity stand out more!

    Looking for assistance in registering with us? Click here for a short instruction PDF

    Share your Volunteer Opportunity in the Winnipeg Free Press 📰

    VM has a long-standing partnership with the Winnipeg Free Press to share volunteer opportunities in Monday's paper. Every week, we provide a package of requested volunteer postings to the Free Press. To include yours, please follow the steps below:

    1. Write 2-3 sentences on the volunteer position(s) and make sure to include; title, who to contact and apply to, and the deadline.
    2. Email us with the passage written following the instructions in Step 1 with the subject line as "WFP Opportunity for (insert your organization's name)".

    To have your volunteer opportunity shared in the Free Press, submissions must be received by me before 3:00 pm on Mondays. Please note, the Free Press has editorial rights and may alter your posting for word count.

    If you have any questions about Free Press listings you can email me at

    Share your Volunteer Opportunity through VM's Social Media 📲

    Social media is one of the fastest ways to spread your call for volunteers. To help fill these open opportunities, VM shares organization's call for volunteers on our Instagram and Facebook Stories, also known as VM's Wednesday Volunteer Opportunities!

    To help spread your message,

    • tag VM at @volunteermanitoba to be shared on our story feed.
    • use the hashtag #VolunteersNeededMB to let Manitobans know about volunteer opportunities in Manitoba!

    This service helps us guide potential volunteers directly to your organization's social media accounts, leading them to key resources and increasing your reach.

    Don't have an Instagram or Facebook page for your organization? Email me your call for volunteers with a photo/design (jpegs please!) and contact information for applicants.

    To use this service, please send me your materials before Tuesday at 3:00 pm to ensure it's uploaded for VM's Wednesday Volunteer Opportunities.


    Volunteer recruitment can sometimes be a challenge, especially when trying to fill opportunities on short notice. VM created these three free services to help your organization build its volunteer team, eliminating additional stress on how to spread the word.

    If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to help!

    Take care,

    Corinne Napper
    Communications Assistant
    Volunteer Manitoba


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