IRAL Summer Jam Fest - Riverbank Discovery Centre

Organization Details
Organization Name: International Reggae Afro Latin Music & Arts Festival
Address: 254 Main Street
Steinbach MB  R5G 1Y8
Organizational Description: IRAL was created to be the catalyst to express the talents of the underrepresented while providing them with a professional platform no matter their skill level. IRAL's mission is to create an environment where people can unite, experience our culture on a higher level and also show appreciation to the artist behind the arts which will provide opportunities to others where it would have not been possible before.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: As a volunteer at our festival, your duties may vary depending on where the assistance within the event is needed. However, some common duties that volunteers may be responsible for include:

- Set up and take down: Volunteers may be responsible for helping to set up and take down tents, stages, tables, chairs, and other equipment needed for the festival.

- Ticket sales and registration: Volunteers may be responsible for selling tickets or checking people in at the festival entrance. This could include verifying tickets, handing out wristbands or other identification, and providing information about the event.

- Crowd control: Volunteers may be responsible for managing crowds and ensuring that festival-goers are safe and following the rules. This could include directing foot traffic, monitoring lines, and ensuring that people are not blocking emergency exits or other important areas.

- Hospitality and Customer Service: Volunteers may be responsible for providing hospitality services to festival-goers, such as directing them to food and drink vendors, answering questions, and providing general assistance.

- Vendor Support: Volunteers may be responsible for supporting vendors at the festival, such as helping them set up and take down their booths, providing them with supplies, and answering any questions they may have.

- Entertainment Support: Volunteers may be responsible for assisting with the entertainment portion of the festival, such as helping performers set up and take down their equipment, providing support during performances, and ensuring that performers have everything they need.

- Clean-Up: Volunteers may be responsible for helping to clean up the festival grounds at the end of the event, including picking up trash and debris, taking down decorations, and ensuring that the area is left in a clean and tidy state.

Overall, as a festival volunteer, your primary duty is to support the organizers in ensuring that the event runs smoothly and that festival-goers have an enjoyable experience. This may involve a variety of tasks and responsibilities, but each one is essential to the success of the event.
Skills Required: To be an effective volunteer at our festival, there are several key skills and attributes that can be helpful, including:

1. Strong Communication Skills: Volunteers need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with other volunteers, festival-goers, vendors, and organizers. This may involve providing directions, answering questions, and providing information about the festival.

2. Flexibility: Festivals can be unpredictable, and volunteers need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and be willing to help out wherever they are needed. Being flexible can also mean being able to work in different weather conditions and varying shifts.

3. Attention to Detail: Volunteers may need to pay close attention to details to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For example, they may need to check tickets, monitor lines, or ensure that performers have everything they need.

4. Customer Service Skills: Volunteers may need to interact with festival-goers, vendors, and performers, and being able to provide excellent customer service can go a long way in creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

5. Teamwork: Volunteers will likely be working as part of a team, and being able to work well with others, take direction, and contribute to a positive and supportive atmosphere can help ensure the success of the festival.

6. Physical Stamina: Festivals can be physically demanding, and volunteers may need to be able to stand for long periods, lift heavy objects, and work in different weather conditions.

7. Positive Attitude: A positive and enthusiastic attitude can be contagious and can help create a fun and welcoming atmosphere at the festival. Volunteers who are willing to go above and beyond, and who approach their duties with a positive attitude, can help create a memorable experience for festival-goers and fellow volunteers alike.

Overall, being a festival volunteer can be a rewarding and exciting experience, and having a combination of the skills listed above can help ensure that you are able to contribute to the success of the event.
Skills Gained/Related Careers: Volunteering at our festival can be a great way to gain skills and experience that can be valuable in a variety of careers. Some skills and related careers that volunteers may gain from working at our festival include:

1. Event Planning: Volunteers who work at festivals may gain valuable experience in event planning, including coordinating logistics, managing vendors, and working with performers. This experience can be useful for careers in event planning or management.

2. Hospitality and Customer Service: Working with festival-goers and vendors can provide volunteers with valuable customer service skills, including communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. These skills can be applied in careers in hospitality, customer service, or retail.

3. Public Relations and Marketing: Volunteers who work at festivals may gain experience in public relations and marketing, including promoting the festival, managing social media accounts, and creating marketing materials. This experience can be valuable for careers in public relations, marketing, or advertising.

4. Leadership and Teamwork: Volunteers who take on leadership roles at a festival may gain experience in leadership and teamwork, including managing volunteers and coordinating activities. This experience can be useful for careers in management or team leadership.

5. Community Engagement: Festivals often bring together a diverse group of people from the community, and volunteering can provide opportunities to engage with others and build connections. This experience can be valuable for careers in community engagement or social work.

6. Technical and Logistical skills: Volunteers may gain experience in technical or logistical skills, including setting up equipment, managing sound and lighting, or coordinating transportation. This experience can be useful for careers in technical production, logistics, or transportation.

Overall, volunteering at a festival can provide a wide range of valuable skills and experiences that can be applied in a variety of careers. It can also be a fun and rewarding way to contribute to your community and meet new people.
Age: 17 and under, 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Daytime, Evening, Weekend
The event is from September 15-16, 2023 but we will need volunteers from September 14-17, 2023 Minimum commitment time is 4 hours per shift. Shift benefits are as follows: - 5+ hours per shift: will be given refreshments and snacks - 8+ hours per shift: will be given refreshments, snacks, a meal ticket, 2 weekend passes and a festival shirt! - 12+ hours total: will be given a festival shirt and 3 weekend passes! All volunteers will receive free entry to the festival regardless of which day they have chosen to volunteer, with the exception of the clean up days (if they are not scheduled for the days on or leading up to the festival), instead they will be provided with either refreshments and/or a meal ticket depend on how long their shift is on those days.
Location of volunteer opportunity: Brandon
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: Are carrying out of court ordered community service
Are fulfilling volunteer hours for credit
Organization will provide: A letter of reference
Certificate of recognition
How to Apply: Email:
Closing Date: Aug 25, 2023
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