Board Member: Prairie Places Inc.

Organization Details
Organization Name: Prairie Places Inc.
Address: 620-1445 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg MB  R3G 3P4
Organizational Description: Prairie Places Inc. is a not-for-profit community agency that supports adults with intellectual disabilities within our community. Our philosophy and policies emphasize dignity and choice as rights of all individuals in our society.
Our goal is to support our participants in an interdependent world, focusing on relationships and maximizing family involvement. Living situations are supported after a planning process identifies appropriate goals for each participant's needs.
Prairie Places Inc. was founded in 1988 by parents supporting three women living in the community.
Prairie Places encourages a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and responsibility to nurture self-worth and respect for others.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: The Prairie Places Board meets monthly, early evening, from September to June. We create policy for the organization, keep in communication with the day-to-day work of the agency through the executive director and monitor its financial status. Email communication is used as necessary.
Skills Required: People skills such as listening and communication are an asset. Management, financial or legal experience is an asset. A positive attitude towards and acceptance of individuals with disabilities is essential. Respect for established channels of decision-making is necessary.
Some experience on a Board of Directors would be beneficial but not mandatory.
Skills Gained/Related Careers: You will gain experience in meeting management; networking within the community; enhancement of knowledge and awareness of the challenges of individuals with special needs; personal satisfaction and the knowledge of having contributed positively the greater good of the Winnipeg community.
Age: 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Evening
Prairie Places Inc. Board meets once a month from September to June.
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: Uses a wheelchair
Organization will provide: A letter of reference
How to Apply: Email:
Phone: 204-783-8682
Closing Date: Jun 30, 2023
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