Board Member - Donor & Volunteer Management and Stewardship Director

Organization Details
Organization Name: KIDS Initiative
Address: Winnipeg MB
Organizational Description: MISSION
To work with developing communities by facilitating sustainable solutions to enrich the lives of children.

A world where everyone lives more and suffers less.

To better the lives of children by helping to alleviate poverty, facilitating sustainable food and water solutions, advancing education, and improving health.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: Our mission at KIDS Initiative is to focus on helping to facilitate sustainable solutions in developing countries to enrich the lives of children. We can only focus on doing so when our team on the ground are driven, passionate, and innovative. We focus on developing genuine and impactful relationships with those we work with, which allows us to work cohesively as a team. We look to recruit a diverse group of individuals willing to dedicate their time to our mission and help to grow our organization into an efficient machine whose goal is to strive for a world where everyone lives more and suffers less.
In applying to work with KIDS Initiative, you adopt and exude the following characteristics:
%u25CF Dedicated, Committed, and Passionate about the overall mission to enrich the lives of children.
%u25CF Values the qualities necessary to strive in relationship building.
%u25CF Respectful in all areas and methods of communication.
%u25CF The drive to be Innovative, Independent, and to take Initiative.
Skills Required: The role of the Donor & Volunteer Management and Stewardship Committee Director is to effectively manage all donor information, develop a better streamline method in consistent communication with our donors, and to uphold a professional level of stewardship for all stakeholders/ donors. It is also meant to ensure that our organization is always staffed with the best and most dependable individuals and that volunteers feel valued and are correctly utilized for the fulfillment of our mission.

%u25CF Manage and maintain all donor, volunteer, and board information through the KIDS database
%u25CF Build relationships with our current and new stakeholders to develop into potential major donors and sponsors
%u25CF Relationships can be built on through regular phone calls, letters, emails, and newsletters
%u25CF Input all new donor information into the database and issue tax receipts along with thank you letters via email/mail
%u25CF Develop an overall strategy for the committee including recruitment, orientation, training, communications, recognition, and retention.
%u25CF Recruitment:
o Maintain the volunteer database
o Work with each committee to determine their needs
o Recruit through websites, community calendars, social media, and website
o Manage applications through the email
o Facilitate interviews via phone, virtual, or in person to gauge suitability based on the committee needs. *Board Member applications get directly sent to both the President and Vice President
%u25CF Orientation:
o Provide a general orientation process for volunteers with an overview of the organization
o Leads to maintain a current overall orientation process
%u25CF Training:
o Work with the committees to discuss and develop onboard training for new volunteers, post-orientation
%u25CF Communication/Retention:
o Work with the Marketing & Communications committee to communicate monthly, or as needed, with the volunteers
o Contact volunteers on a monthly basis to gain feedback through surveys, emails, or phone
o Provide feedback to committee leads for areas of growth and best practices
%u25CF Recognition/Retention:
o Develop a strategy to achieve a National Volunteer Week campaign
o Develop a plan behind recognizing volunteers on International Volunteer Day
o Develop a strategy on how to recognize and retain volunteers (i.e., certificates, approval letters for volunteer hours for students/interns, recognition gift for length of time, etc.)
%u25CF Coordinate regular team meetings (i.e., weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as otherwise determined by lead) to manage and gauge progress of all committee members
%u25CF Monthly report to the board on all committee actions and goals
- Experience working within the not-for-profit sector
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, in regard to being able to communicate effectively and respectfully with donors, volunteers, and Board members.
- Familiarity and a general understanding of donor stewardship and volunteer management and recognition
- Experience leading a team of volunteers and understanding how to utilize everyone's skills to create a cohesive and nurturing team environment in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the program.
- Organizational and time management skills to ensure tasks are being identified and achieved in a timely manner.
- Experience developing and executing a donor stewardship and volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition plan.
- Social media, marketing, and communication skills an asset.
Age: 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Evening, Weekend
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: Requires child minding
Uses a wheelchair
Organization will provide: Certificate of recognition
How to Apply: Online:
Closing Date: Jul 1, 2023