Organization Details
Organization Name: DIFIE Inc.
Address: 2-185 Spence Street (No Buzzer-please knock)
(Mailing purpose only. Meetings by appointment only)
Winnipeg MB  R3C 1Y5
Organizational Description: We are a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing inclusive dance, fitness, and health education services to Manitoba. Founded 2019 by a professional Board of Directors dedicated to the expansion of inclusive dance and fitness education for Manitoban families. DIFIE does not believe in stereotypes, and is focused on removing barriers to inclusive dance fitness education one person, one program at a time.

"Defying Expectations"
Difie Inc. provides four trademarked programs, IDFE (Inclusive Dance Fitness Educator), FOP (Fitness Opportunities for all People), DOP (Dance Opportunities for all People), and LWL (Levels Without Limits) to children, youth, and adults living in Manitoba.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: DIFIE Inc is currently seeking three new Board Members to join our newly-formed organisation that can contribute their professional skills to expand DIFIE Inc.'s services capabilities. Each Board of Director role requires 1 to 5 hours per month of satellite administrative hours, and attendance to board meetings held 3 or more times per year via tele-conference

To apply please send in your resume, and a cover letter stating the Board Member position you are interested in fulfilling to:

The benefits to becoming a Board Member include:
1. Access to inclusive continuing dance and fitness education provided by our organization
2. Networking with our Organization Members
3. Be apart of Manitoba's 1st inclusive dance and fitness education not for profit dedicated to expanding recreation and performance dance training and exhibition to communities across Canada.
4. Develop Manitoba's 1st inclusive dance and fitness education certification for dance and fitness educators across Canada.
5. Be apart of a dedicated team of Board of Directors who are setting the 1st Manitoba standard for best practices in providing inclusive dance fitness education at recreational and professional levels.
6. Create Manitoba's 1st annual inclusive dance conference and showcase designed to entertain and educate audiences in disability-related performance art forms.
7. Opportunities to network with our Individual and Organization members who share the same vision of an inclusive Manitoba.

Being a member of DIFIE Dance Inc. Governing Board Member provides you with a unique opportunity to:
1. Contribute to the success of the school
2. Make a positive impact on public education
3. Serve your community
4. Expand your network and meet people with similar interests

DIFIE Dance Inc. is a dynamic organization and needs the support and input of people with your experience and insight.

Our Mission Statement:
Difie Inc. is dedicated to providing inclusive dance, fitness, and health education services to Manitoban Families. We provide cross cultural, inter-generational education to Manitoban's of all ages through classes and workshops.

Our Mandate:
1. Provide Caregiver & Me sensory- inclusive dance and fitness education for infants and children with intellectual and/ or learning disabilities
2. Provide Caregiver & Me physically- inclusive dance & fitness education for infants and children with physical disabilities and/ or health conditions
3. Provide sensory-inclusive dance & fitness education for teens and adults who have intellectual and/ or learning disabilities
4. Provide physically inclusive dance & fitness education for teens and adults who have intellectual and/ or learning disabilities
5. Provide inclusive cultural dance and fitness education opportunities to individuals and families

The main purpose of the DIFIE DANCE INC. Governing Board is:

1. Increase community engagement by securing private, and provincial stakeholders to reach DIFIE yearly fundraising initiatives goals.
2. Increase community awareness by promoting DIFIE services, and inviting the public to join our organization as Members, and/ or to participate in DIFIE's workshops, classes, etc.
3. To provide valuable insight about your personal experiences as a person who has experienced barriers to accessing inclusive dance and/ or fitness education on a recreational and/ or professional level.
4. To provide valuable insight about how DIFIE services can specifically address the needs of your community.
5. To provide your professional skills to DIFIE governing board so that we can be a fully inclusive, collaborative team.
6. To develop DIFIE program curriculums and train/ certify potential Defying Educators.
7. To develop relationships with not for profit and charitable organizations at a local and national level to increase organizational membership and partnerships.
8. To secure DIFIE project and operational funding through multiple sources.

What are the responsibilities of board members?

Board meetings will be held every 3 months, with the possibility of additional meetings when new business arises such as new pilot projects, special event planning, or tele-conferences with new stakeholders. Each meeting will be about one to three hours in duration and may be held in person, tele-conference, email transmission, or video chat depending on the circumstance.

1.To attend all regularly scheduled meetings unless exigent circumstances exist.
2. To actively participate in non-secretarial, administrative project duties in relation to DIFIE programming from time to time.
3. To engage the community by promoting DIFIE services at large.
4. To provide your personal experience and professional skills to improve the work of DIFIE
5. To cast votes and provide motions at regularly scheduled board meetings.

A role can be created or adapted to fully utilize your skillsets. In-person work is not a requirement of any of the various volunteer roles.Majority of work can be completed by distance via phone, email, tele-conference, etc. Must be able to complete work through the use of some digital apps, and Microsoft Office 2010+
Skills Required: Board Roles will be adapted around each individuals strengths, and additional applicable skill-sets. We are currently seeking individuals to fulfill the following roles:
Secretary/ Treasurer (In charge of general accounting and book-keeping)
Communications Director (In charge of social media promotions and media relations)
Community Engagement Coordinator (Responsible for recruitment of new members, fundraising partners, and partner organisations for the purpose of collaboration)
Skills Gained/Related Careers:
Age: 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Evening, Weekend
1 hours minimum to 5 hours per month maximum.
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? Yes
Will cost be reimbursed? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? Yes
Will cost be reimbursed? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: Are fulfilling volunteer hours for credit
Uses a wheelchair
Organization will provide: A letter of reference
Certificate of recognition
How to Apply: Email:
Closing Date: Apr 30, 2020
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