Vetting Coordinator

Organization Details
Organization Name: Strays That Can't Pay Inc
Address: Box 213
Kirkella MB  R0M 1A0
Organizational Description: Who we are:
Education, information, support and guidance. No judgment. No criticism. It takes a very brave person to ask for help and that's why we are here. To help. We help with spay/neuter programs for First Nations Communities. We try to set up vaccine and sterilization clinics annually dependant on funds. We are often "on call" for emergencies. We also do the majority of transport for our emergencies and spay/neuters ect for the communities we work with. Heal the animals you heal the children. Heal the children you heal the adults. Heal the adults and you will heal the World.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: Vetting Coordinator Job Description - Duties Responsible for

- Point of contact for all things vetting for managers, fosters, adopters, alicia & vets
- On call rotation with Brittany - 24/7 for vetting emergencies
- Book all vet appointments (Done by Brittany Hamilton)
- Keep in touch with fosters and book all regular and necessary appointments.
- Update spreadsheet with appointments to be made & highlight upcoming appointments to be made by Brittany
- Record all vet appointments on the vetting spreadsheet.
- Record all animal info on vetting spreadsheet - Name, DOB, breed, description, foster name.
- Record all completed vetting and required vetting with dates on spreadsheet.
- Record all animal intake info
- Date animal came in
- Where animal came from (community, address and name of previous owner if possible).
- Stray or surrender and circumstances.
- Record all adoptions
- Name of adopter
- Date of adoption
- Date animal went home
- Record all transfers
- Name(s) of animal(s) transferred
- Date they were transferred
- Name of rescue they were transferred to
- Record all spay and neuter dates for adopted animals.
- Follow up with adopters to confirm spay or neuter has been done if we haven't received an invoice from one of our vets with in the time frame the voucher was to be used.
- Collect proof of spay or neuter from adopters who don't use one of our supporting vets or choose not to use the voucher and save to google drive "Invoices for reimbursement or proof"
- Email copy of invoice to treasurer for reimbursement for adopters who don't use one of our supporting vets and choose to be reimbursed per the adoption contract.
- In FB threads with fosters to book appointments, answer vetting questions and to troubleshoot.
- In FB threads with adopters to congratulate on adoption, get new vet info, new name, email address, and go home date.
- Create spay and neuter vouchers for adopted animals who are still intact. (Fillable form)
- Create pet vet schedules for adopted animals with their completed vaccinations, other procedures completed and due dates of future vaccinations. (Fillable form)
- Email adopters (draft in gmail) thanking for adopting from stcp and attach spay and neuter voucher, list of supporting vets and pet vet schedule.
- Transfer vet records for adopted pets to adopters vet of choice.
- Transfer vet records when animal changes foster or vet.
- Review all invoices and statements
- Confirm they are for one of our animals
- Confirm proper discounts have been applied
- Confirm charges are correct
- Use invoices and statements to update spreadsheet.
- Save all emailed invoices & statements & scan all mailed invoices & statements
- Title with vet/date/invoice#/animal using C,D, OC or OD to identify cat, dog, owned cat or owned dog (For ease of searching & to help Juanita determine owned or rescue)
- Save and file on google drive to proper folders.
- Maintain google drive with dog and cat vetting spreadsheets,invoices, statements, spay and neuter vouchers, pet vet schedules, proof of spay and neuters from adopters who don't use our supporting vets or voucher, proof of payments for Owned Pet Program, vet price lists, vet correspondence & month end reports.
- Month End Report (Count from spreadsheet)
- Current foster animals in the care of stcp on the last day of the month
- Number of adoptions for the month
- Number of intake for the month
- Number of intakes who were strays
- Number of intakes who were surrendered
- Number of transfers for the month
- Number of animals who passed away for the month (include names)
- Number of owned animals in foster care on the last day of the month
- Number of owned animals spayed or neutered
- Confim all statements & invoices have been received & follow up with vets for missing items
- Email treasurer all statements & invoices, as well as any payment receipts.
- Email all board members Month End Report prior to board meeting
- Winnipeg Kitten Adoptions
- Track all invoices from Birchwood Animal Hospital
- Put in spreadsheet
- Send email to Cindy Kasprick at with copy of invoices
- Note payments in spreadsheet when received
- Spirit of Hope Rescue
- SOHR will text to advise if someone needs appointments booked
- Book appointments at Brandon Hills Vet Clinic when contacted by adopter
- Track all invoices from Brandon Hills Vet Clinic for SOHR appointments
- Put in spreadsheet
- Send email to Cathie Mieyette at with copy of invoices
- Note payments in spreadsheet when received
- Owned Pet Program for First Nations Community members. (Done by Deanna Buller)
- Contact all owners who wish to spay, neuter and vaccinate their animals.
- Provide quotes for the vet they will be using, discuss amount they are able to pay.
- Arrange payment method, payment plans and method of payment.
- Arrange appointments and transportation if needed.
- Follow up on payments.
- Save screenshot of etransfers or other proof of payment to google drive.
- Cancel or reschedule appointments if payment not received or cannot be made until a later date.
- Expense Spreadsheet (Done by Juanita Moske)
- Breakdown vetting from invoices into broken bones, parvo, owned or rescue spay & neuter, etc.
- Assist Juanita where needed with identifying where on the expense spreadsheet animals will go. ie: xrays - is it broken bones? Parvo test - was it positive? etc.
- Email all statements & invoices once all have been collected at month end to Juanita Moske
- Save documents in Google Drive as requested by Alicia
- Surrender letter or messenger screenshots
- Spay & Neuter clinic info & records
- Other documents as requested by Alicia
Skills Required: All above
Skills Gained/Related Careers: All above
Age: 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Daytime, Evening, Weekend
Location of volunteer opportunity: Westman
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: General Populace
Organization will provide: Training/Orientation
How to Apply: Email:
Phone: 204-851-5120
Closing Date: Dec 31, 2019
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