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Organization Details
Organization Name: Liberian Foundation for Equity
Address: 999 Sinclair St
Winnipeg MB  R2V 2Y3
Organizational Description: The Liberian Foundation for Equity (LIFE) was founded by Winnipeg's 2011 IRCOM Mosaic Merit Award and 2015 Mahatma Ghandi Community Service Recognition Award winner Othello Wesee.

Othello, who had spent years living in refugee camps in the Ivory Coast and Ghana before resettling in Canada in 2004, returned to Liberia in 2008 to visit family.

There, Othello observed an increase in the number of children roaming the streets, doing odd jobs for people to survive and to provide for family members. These children were called names such as "Market Dog", meaning a dog without an owner.

This concerned Othello. He shared his concern with some friends in Liberia and continued the discussion upon returning to Canada. Through these discussions, he and like minded people all agreed that no child should be subjected to abuse and hard labor just to survive. As a result, the Liberian Foundation for Equity (LIFE) was established.

LIFE's mission is to engage in non-partisan education and charitable activities that increase public awareness for marginalized children and elderly people in communities in Liberia.

LIFE also strives to embark on community-based self help projects and programs aimed at reducing poverty among local populations, and to engage in peace and reconciliation activities and public health education awareness programs that promote neighborhood stability.

LIFE's long-term goal is to build and run modern primary and secondary educational institutions that meet international standards to prepare marginalized and under-privileged youth for future developmental challenges in Liberia.

With these educational institutions as a base, LIFE hopes to provide educational, humanitarian, health, and social services to all Liberians and other nationals residing within the borders of Liberia with the hope that this access improves the quality of life for all residents of Liberia.
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: We are looking for motivated individuals to use their talents to help the Liberian Foundation for Equity in whichever way they choose!
Skills Required: In 2019 we are looking to do a book/school supplies drive as well as a fundraiser. If you feel that you have skills that may be of use, or if you are motivated to support our organization but don't know what that would look like at this time, please get in touch!
Skills Gained/Related Careers: Work closely with Winnipeg's 2011 IRCOM Mosaic Merit Award and 2015 Mahatma Ghandi Community Service Recognition Award winner Othello Wesee. Enjoy Liberian cultural events with excellent food, music, and great company!
Age: 17 and under, 18-30, 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Daytime, Evening, Weekend
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: Are carrying out of court ordered community service
Are fulfilling volunteer hours for credit
Are supported
Speaks French
Uses a wheelchair
Speaks another language: Liberian Kreyol
Organization will provide: A letter of reference
Certificate of recognition
How to Apply: Email:
Phone: 204-291-5017
In Person
Closing Date: Aug 16, 2021
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