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Organization Details
Organization Name: Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba
Address: 870 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg MB  R3M 2M7
Organizational Description: The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba (APEGM) was established on March 27, 1920 by The Engineering and Geoscientific Professions Act to regulate the profession of engineering in Manitoba. In 1998 the Manitoba Legislature expanded the association's mandate to regulate professional geoscientists in Manitoba. In September 2015 the operating name of the association changed to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.
The purposes of the association are to:Govern and regulate the practice of professional engineering and professional geoscience in Manitoba
Promote and increase, by all lawful means and in the public interest, the knowledge, skill, and competency of its members and students in all things relating to the professions of engineering and geoscience
Advocate where the public interest is at risk
Volunteer Opportunity Details
Description of Duties: The Engineering & Geoscientific Professions Act of Manitoba requires a non-members to participate in the governance of the engineering and geoscience professions. There is a vacancy on the council of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba and members of the general public are invited to apply. The following is an excerpt from the Act; describing the appointed Councillor position:

Appointed Councillors
7(e) Not fewer than two Councillors who are resident within the province and are not professional engineers or professional geoscientists, appointed as hereinafter provided;
8(2) Appointed Councillors shall be residents of Manitoba appointed by [the Appointed Councillor] Committee. Each shall be appointed for a term of two years and may be re-appointed for a second or third term as Councillor.

General Duties and Responsibilities
-Commitment to linking with the legal and moral ownership. This includes the understandings
that (a) members of the Council, individually and collectively are stewards for the
organization, (b) they represent an ownership comprised of diverse people and (c) they are
willing to actively seek to access and understand that diversity.
-Achieve good governance through:
-Organizational results, impacts, benefits, outcomes (what good, for which people, at what relative worth or relative cost).
-Upholding the Act, By-laws and Code of Ethics of the Association.
-Policy development, monitoring and fulfillment.
-Informed, engaged participation on the Council.
-Willingness to engage in the orientation, training and ongoing study and application of the Carver Policy Governance® system of governance.
Skills Required: -Ability to participate assertively in deliberation, while respecting the opinions of others.
-A balanced person; not prone to extremes.
-A realistic world view; not idealistic.
-Ability to answer the question: What would a "reasonable person" think and do?
-Ability to think in terms of systems and context - to see the big picture.
-Ability and willingness to deal with the long term vision rather than the day to day details.
-Must have mature personal boundaries, otherwise setting boundaries for members and others through policy, by-law or professional standards will be difficult to do.
-At all times, having the attitude: "I'm here to serve the public of Manitoba in the regulation of these professions.
Skills Gained/Related Careers: p
Age: 31-54, 55+
Time Commitment: Daytime
The Council meets 6 times per year (September, December, January, March, May, June) with meetings typically being held in the afternoons from noon until 4:30 PM. Sub-committees of Council meet separately. Overall time commitment ranges from 8 to 20 hours per month (80 to 200 hours per year). Appointed Councillors receive a stipend for their time.
Location of volunteer opportunity: Winnipeg
Does opportunity require a criminal record check? No
Does opportunity require a child abuse registry check? No
Opportunity is available to candidates that: General Populace
Organization will provide: A letter of reference
How to Apply: Email:
Closing Date: Nov 20, 2022
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