Get to Know the VM Staff!

  • February 15, 2023

    Posted by: Corinne Napper

    At Volunteer Manitoba, we are incredibly fortunate to have an amazing team. We thought we'd take a minute to introduce ourselves!

    Our staff members are passionate about making a difference in our community and helping non-profits reach their goals. Each individual brings a unique set of knowledge and skills, and they are always willing to lend a hand. With their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm, we hope to make a positive impact in Manitoba!

    Be sure to reach out if you need assistance!

    I am Kamillah El-Giadaa, I have been with Volunteer Manitoba for 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.

    I have done it all at VM but right now I work on providing professional development opportunities to those that work and volunteer in the non-profit sector. These are workshops that are open to the public, anyone who has an interest can take them! They focus on our three subject areas, Volunteer Management, Board Governance and Capacity Building.

    I also work with organizations directly in providing private workshops for their staff. Sometimes groups require training to address their unique needs, and this is one of my favourite parts of my job because I get to work directly with organizations!

    Do you have questions about anything related to volunteering or training? Reach out - I love to chat!

    You can email me at or call me at 204-477-5180 anytime!

    Hi, my name is Gloria Dovoh and I am the Community Relations Coordinator! I coordinate all things community outreach and youth programming. Community outreach includes volunteer fairs, career fairs, community resource fairs, presentations etc. Wherever there is a booth or table with a Volunteer Manitoba setup, you are most likely to see me. You can invite me to your event by contacting me at

    I can support you find your next volunteer opportunity through volunteer referrals. Wondering how to access this service, email me at if it is youth-related. Kindly email, for all other volunteer referrals.

    I can provide your students, community program participants, and community members with a presentation on the benefits of volunteering and the importance of giving back to their community with practical examples. At Senior group presentations, we discuss how to find suitable volunteer positions during these difficult times.

    Email me at to book a presentation.

    I'm Corinne Napper, the Communications Assistant at Volunteer Manitoba. I am responsible for creating social media graphics, editing videos for social media, and training and updating the website as needed. I am very excited about our upcoming website refresh! I also compile both the newsletters and training emails that VM sends out and create any assets such as the annual report, manuals and designs on our swag.

    I am always willing to help non-profits by assisting them in posting volunteer opportunities on the website, on our social media (Yay for the hashtag #VolunteersNeededMB!) and in the weekly Winnipeg Free Press ad.

    Contact me to find out how I can help spread the word about your volunteer opportunities! Be sure to check out the blog post: Simple, Free, and Resourceful: How VM Can Help Organizations Recruit their Next Volunteer.

    Email me at or call 204-477-5180 ext. 3.

    Hi, my name is Mia Penner-Adamo! I am the newest addition to the team and have been with Volunteer Manitoba for 7 months.

    I am the Administrative Assistant for VM, so I get to do a little bit of everything. I help people find out where they can volunteer at volunteer fairs, career fairs, or by email at

    However, I primarily work with Kamillah in the Training Department. I help with all training-related inquiries like helping you register for a workshop or book a private training session just for your group.

    Finally, I run our Grant Connect Program! Grant Connect is a database where you can search for available grants across Canada. If you're looking for grants, contact me so you can book an appointment to search through the Grant Connect database available at our office.

    You'll find me at or call 204-477-5180 ext. 5.


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