Create and Analyze Online Surveys

When you want somebody's opinion you ask for it, right? That's easy enough when you're just dealing with one or a few people, but what if you want to know the opinion of an entire population? Getting an answer out of every member of a particular group is almost impossible so how can we measure the information that they have? You can use a survey.

Nonprofits hoping to improve their programs’ services or reach must first understand their own effectiveness. Measurable numbers (like how many people participated in a mentoring program, or how many meals served at a soup kitchen, or even what percentage of the target population does not have access to affordable housing) are critical data that can help organizations identify where they can improve their programs.

Participants of this workshop will discover that online surveys are a useful tool in program evaluation and have many benefits and challenges. As a group, participants will be given a tutorial of Fluid Survey, discuss creating good survey questions, learn how to encourage people to respond and how to analyze and use collected information. This workshop will also cover the different types of online surveys that are available and the pros and cons of each. Ethical considerations for conducting online surveys will also be explored. Tools and resources will be provided for managing evaluations within organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

-          how to develop good survey questions;

-          how to plan and administer surveys online using Fluid Surveys; and

-          ways to increase response rates.

*Participants are asked to bring a laptop with them. 


Bohdanna Kinasevych
Having worked with community organizations to support and enhance capacity to integrate evaluation into program planning and design, Bohdanna has conducted several evaluations in health promotion and service delivery employing both qualitative and quantitative methods.  She has a particular interest in applying community-based research principles and supporting the integration of evaluation findings into practices.  Bohdanna has a Master’s degree in Community Health Sciences from the University of Manitoba and is a credentialed evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society. She currently works as an Planning and Evaluation Facilitator for Health in Common providing hands on support in the planning and implementation of program evaluation at the community level.

Anna Weier brings her passion for sustainability and knowledge of food security issues to her position as Planning and Evaluation Facilitator at Health in Common. She believes that evaluation is an important tool in providing information to community organizations to help them make their programming the best it can be. Anna has worked with communities in urban, rural and northern Manitoba on a wide range of initiatives, including active transportation, local and sustainable food, and green building. Anna has a Master’s of Environment from the University of Manitoba and undergraduate degrees in science and psychology.


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Bohdanna Kinasevych & Anna Weier

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